Small Grants: On the Ground Activation @ COMEX Singapore

PROPOSAL: Nouns Booth @ COMEX Singapore

To organize a 4 DAY Nouns Booth at COMEX Singapore


COMEX Singapore is the biggest and most anticipated IT/Tech show held annually in Singapore, with an average of 350,000 - 450,000 visitors. This year COMEX will be held at SUNTEC CONVENTION CENTER a prime location in Singapore from 1-4th SEP 2022 (4 days) taking up to 6 halls (Hall 401-406), but what is different this year would be that COMEX have partnered up with WEB3SG as its official NFT/Crypto partner for this year show. The four main areas that will be invited to take part in this year COMEX would be:

  • Social-Fi
  • DeFi
  • GameFi
  • NFTs


As Singapore has been listed as the top few countries most interested in NFTs/Web3 Technology, with a monthly search volume of 18,717 per one million in population. COMEX have allocated a prime location for NFT/Crypto at this year event, which is directly at the entrance of Hall 401-402 (the very first hall).
This ensure that the space get maximum foot traffic from the whole event.


It will be a IRL experience at COMEX Singapore to spread Nouns to a wider audience, both crypto/NFTs native and not. It’s a IRL brand recognition that aims to create authentic and memorable user connection. It will serve as an activation, a proliferation pod to grow the Singapore Nouns community; to onboard new contributors.


Nouns Booth @ COMEX Singapore will be an experience for visitors where they will be able to understand Nouns by engaging with the booth. The booth serves as an activation and brand recognition that consists of at least 5 engagement points. By interacting with the booth, visitors not only get to understand what Nouns is but also stand a chance to win themselves some Nounish goodie which helps to solidify the brand recognition. The engagement points are designed to instill a memorable user connection to Nouns.

Nouns Booth

Nouns Booth design


1. Feature Wall - Photo Opportunity
A Nounish featured wall will be created as part of Nouns Booth design. The objective of this engagement point is to allow visitors to take full body photo, selfie or group photo and share them on their social media(s), tagging Nouns Booth @nounsinsg (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). This will allow me to build the foundation of our social presence as well as the growth of Nouns SG community. Having their photo taken and shared will be the very first step in engaging with Nouns Booth.

Feature Wall

2. Flip-Flop
The objective for this engagement point is to have visitors familiarize/recognize Nouns artwork. This mini game objective is to match all pairs of Nouns within a given time-frame. There will be 6 different pairs of Nouns (made into cards), every one of them will be shuffled and placed faced down. At every one time, player is able to flip 2 cards, if they are a match, player is allowed to continue and flip another 2 cards but if they do not match, player have to place those 2 cards back into face down position before flipping open another 2 cards. Game ends when player matches all 6 pairs of Nouns. Player will be qualified for a chance to win a Nounish goodie if completed within the given time-frame.


3. Nouns Run
The objective for this engagement point is to have visitors experience project that was created by fellow Nouner and introduce what CC0 is. This engagement point will also help boost the usage of Nouns Run app. For this point, player will have to download “Nouns Run” from App or Play store and score a min. of 200M in the game to be qualified for a chance to win a Nounish goodie.

Nouns Run App

4. Nounpedia
The objective for this engagement point is to allow visitors to understand what Nouns is by answering a series of simple questions. A brochure that contain information about Nouns which also double up as a questionnaire for Nounpedia will be distributed to all visitors. Answer to the questionnaire can be easily found in the brochure. To qualify a chance to win a Nounish goodie, all 6/6 questions have to be answered correctly.

Nounish Brochure / Questionnaire

5. Nouns Live Auction
The objective of this engagement point is to showcase Nouns daily auction LIVE.

LIVE Daily Auction

6. Wheel Of Fortune
At this engagement point, visitors get a chance to spin the wheel of fortune base on the no. of engagement points they completed to win themselves some Nounish goodies. Each engagement point completed equate to 1 chance to spin the wheel.
Prerequisite - Must complete (1)

Wheel Of Fortune


  1. Noggle Logo T-shirt
  2. Nouns Tote Bag
  3. Noggle Logo Sock
  4. Noggle Pin - Photo credit from BigshotToyworks
    Noggle Pins

@Wideeyekarl will be in charge of operation, concept and graphic design as shown above; (Nouns Booth + Nounish Goodie + Nounish Brochure) as well as working with WEB3SG. I will be tapping into WEB3SG presence; one of the largest NFT twitter community in Singapore for this activation/promotion of Nouns Booth @ COMEX Singapore

WEB3SG Twitter Engagement


Description Cost in USD* Cost in ETH** Cost in ETH***
COMEX booth (4x Days activation)

- Designing of booth, having a feature wall
for photo opportunity
- Setting up / Tearing down / Dispoal
- 1x Information counter
- 1x TV screen to display live auction
- 2x display of Nouns @ COMEX virtual gallery
- 2x display of Nouns @ Artnow gallery
- 1x Tweet by WEB3SG to promote Nouns Booth
- 1x Twitter space to promote Nouns Booth
12,000 10.00 7.50
Noggle Stickers (5,000pcs) 500 0.42 0.31
Pins (1,000pcs) 1,500 1.25 0.94
Tote Bags (500pcs) 900 0.75 0.56
Brochure (2500pcs) 200 0.17 0.13
Socks (500pcs) 800 0.67 0.50
Shirt (500 pcs) 1,900 1.58 1.19
- 2x manpower for 4 days
4,000 3.33 2.50
Transportation 300 0.25 0.19
Total 22,100 18.42 13.81

*Base on local vendor price converted to USD
**Considering an ETH avg. price of 1,200 USD due to possible fluctuations
***Considering current ETH avg. price of 1,600 USD

This will be a great opportunity to create a Nounish IRL experience which is spread across 4 days of activation at one of the largest most anticipated annual event in Singapore; an opportunity to have Nouns branding reach out to a wider audience.

As COMEX is held on 1-4th Sep, this gives me a timeline of around 1 month. If proposal is able to pass and fund received within this week, majority of the funds will be converted to fiat as outlay for manufacturing Nounish goodies, remaining funds will be transfer to WEB3SG (ETH) as payment for the booth space at COMEX. I have already designed and created the files for the booth, thus I can pass them to WEB3SG who will manufacture and erect the booth. I will focus on overseeing the process as well as focusing on execution and administrative work prior to COMEX.

I will continue to grow Nouns Singapore community under @nounsinsg, with Nouns Booth as the initiate activation. Nounsinsg will serve as a proliferation pod, guidance and point of contact for new contributor as well as creating more IRL Nounish experience in the future. Similar to Aubtoshi, a personal long-term goal is to officially be a Nouner. Until then, I will continue to proliferate Nouns in ways that are fun and effective that I can make possible. A IRL activation that I’ve been working on would be "NOUNISH BEACH CLEAN UP’ which was passed and supported by SMALL GRANT. (Thank you @noun22) It is scheduled on 13th Aug 2022, you may find more info and update on the event below.

I want to thank all Nouners in advance for giving me the chance to contribute and proliferate Nouns together!

Really nice and detailed prop, well done!

Also from SG, nice to see more SEA-sians coming into the Nouns DAO; this event will surely reach more people not in Nouns (Most of the DAO in US/Aus/EU)

Didn’t know COMEX is targeting the web3 space this year, but have went there for PCs and electronics - was abuzz with people.

In general I think the activities planned are great and proliferate the Nounish meme, but have a few suggestions.

  • Perhaps Nouns Run is not needed? Don’t think many people will be downloading and playing the game on the spot haha. Why not encourage them to download the Nouns mobile app instead?
  • Really love the Nouns Brochure idea - but answering the list of questions seems too time consuming. Keeping it carefree would sound more Nounish to me

Rest is good, hope Nouns gets more exposure with this! May drop by Suntec if I can find the time, coming anon though so… lookout for fellow NFTers?

Wishing you best of luck on the prop. Also I think the budget may be outside Small Grants range, you may have to find a Nouner to sponsor it on chain.

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Hi @Blowned.eth thanks for taking time to read the proposal. Appreciated.

Yes, for this year COMEX 2022 they will be targeting web3 space as mention above; therefore I believe this would be a great chance to have a IRL experience and to showcase Nouns to more SEA-sians and to start growing Nouns Singapore Community.

To answer your suggestions:

  • Perhaps Nouns Run is not needed? Don’t think many people will be downloading and playing the game on the spot haha. Why not encourage them to download the Nouns mobile app instead?
  1. I believe Nouns mobile app is only available on iOS? I couldn’t find it on goggle play store. Therefore I can’t be sure that everyone is able to download and experience Nouns mobile app. As mention under (6) WHEEL OF FORTUNE; no. of chance to spin the wheel = no. of engagement points completed. This would encourage people to download and play the app + me and my assistant will be there to encourage people to participate as well. There’s also a bonus for completing all engagement points which will further entice visitors to do so. For those who completed all engagement points, they will stand a chance to enter a grand draw to win themselves a NANO X (Worth SGD237)
  • Really love the Nouns Brochure idea - but answering the list of questions seems too time consuming. Keeping it carefree would sound more Nounish to me
  1. Fraid not the whole event/all of the engagement points are made to be carefree and fun, the questionnaire are also design in a way whereby participants can easily answer them within 3-5mins as all the answers are in the brochure. By having them answering the questions / “work” for the prizes, we will be able to instill a sense of ownership + have them read what is in the brochure would further their understanding of Nouns. The brochure not only double up as a questionaire, but also a score card which will have a record on the amount of engagement points they’ve completed.

Would love to have you drop by the booth if I am able to get the prop approved. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As COMEX is just round the corner and I have only 1mth timeframe to execute everything (Overseeing the booth set up process, coordinating with manufacture to produce nounish goodies, etc); might not have the time to put the proposal on-chain, thus am reaching out via small grants to have a faster execution/approval.

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Cool, let’s see what others think of this prop.

Also seems like you’re handling everything yourself atm; the DAO is always open to help with logistics and stuff.

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Prop is live right now on-chain as prop #117

Appreciate all the support and vote!

Thank you for giving me the chance to contribute in proliferating Nouns! :heart:

Hi @noun22, as discuss on discord instead of having a Nouns Booth we will be going around the event distributing nounish goodies (Example: Noogle pins + Noggle Stickers + Nounish Handcards). This align more with the meme and in term, a more nounish behavior + serve as a guerilla marketing.

As per your request, photos will definitely be taken and shared with the DAO.
Thank you SG for supporting this on the ground activation.

Below fund breakdowns:

Description Cost in USD* Cost in ETH** Cost in ETH***
Noggle Stickers (3,000pcs) - 8x3cm 360 0.26 0.21
Pins (1,500pcs) 1,950 1.39 1.15
Handcard (2500pcs) 450 0.32 0.26
- 2x manpower for 4 days
2,800 2.00 1.65
Transportation 300 0.21 0.18
Total 5860 4.19 3.45
*Base on local vendor price converted to USD
**Considering an ETH avg. price of 1,400 USD due to possible fluctuations
***Considering current ETH avg. price of 1,700 USD


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SG will fund this for 2 ETH! Very excited to see the results. Impressed by your enthusiasm and persistence @Wideeyekarl !!

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Thank you SG and @noun22, will be giving my 100% to proliferate Noun