Small Grants: Nouns x Trippy Labs @ NFTLA

Dear NounsDAO,

I am writing to request a small grant of 10 ETH to support a bespoke Nouns-inspired AI Photo Booth during NFT LA at a series of private events we are hosting at a prestigious residence in the Hollywood Hills from March 18th-20th. This event will be a continuation of our Beyond Basel event, which was attended by over 30,000 guests throughout the week of Art Basel in Miami and was graciously supported by Nouns. The funds will allow us to create a unique experience for three days, and execute an upgrade to the AI booth we did during Basel, except with this booth, guests will be able to print out a polaroid picture and adorn it with Nouns glasses using voice prompt AI.

We are working with a few prolific names in the Deforum and Stability AI communities to further develop our Whisper to Auto1111 pipeline for a never-before-seen instantaneous photo booth experience powered by voice. These experts will be in attendance and running the booth themselves. This will be an opportunity to showcase the power and potential of new technology along with the Nouns Brand.

To help cover the partial rent costs of the venue, catering, staff, security, GPUs, computers, screens, printers etc, we are requesting a 10 ETH grant. In exchange, Nouns holders will have exclusive event access, we will provide on-site branding curated with Oni / Apenoun, a designated gallery screen for Nouns art and derivatives, HQ branded photo and video content, and branded Nouns AI Polaroid Prints for all guests.

We have not yet posted any of the final recap videos from Beyond Basel, as our lead videographer was unfortunately injured after the event. However, we can share clips of these videos in progress with any Nouns members upon request and any attendee can attest to how many people we were able to expose to Nouns overall.

Thank you for considering our proposal, and we look forward to further representing NounsDAO.


Trippy & Trippy Labs Team