PROPOSAL: nouns sponsoring, one of Germany’s first ever NFT events

# tl;dr is a two-day in-person NFT event, which is scheduled for 27th & 28th of May 2022 in Munich, Germany.
Goal of the event is to offer a platform to a broader audience to empower, educate and onboard the interested public onto the NFT space.
We would ask for a nouns grant of 10 ETH to have nouns sponsor the event and therefore be on all marketing material, photo ops with government representatives that should circulate on traditional media outlets.

# event in detail

The event will be hosted in Munich but will collaborate with a hackathon in Nuremberg. This way we ensure an inter-regional promotion of NFTs in the two biggest Cities of Bavaria.
The first day introduces the underlying technologies of NFTs such as blockchain and smart contracts. Different areas of application of NFTs and their economic significance will be presented using successful examples from the gaming, fashion and art sectors. A panel discussion will be held to critically examine the technology and its benefits and to take a visionary look into the future of NFTs. On this day, the audience will be introduced to the world of NFTs and informed about the basics and possible areas of application.

The second day will be a deep dive into current topics and trends in Web3 and the world of NFTs. Representatives from Web3 projects and companies will present their NFT journey, current strategies and experiences. Trends, technological developments, as well as tax and regulatory aspects will be covered. The crypto and NFT communities and all interested parties are invited to exchange ideas in an interdisciplinary manner on this day.

# who is organising

Benjabo: Benjamin Bauer (CEO of ZOLLHOF - Tech Incubator) is a long-time fan of blockchain technology. He first invested in Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2016 and went all-in on NFTs early 2021. Fascinated by the new possibilities of the decentralized web3, Benjamin pushes this topic for ZOLLHOF and the German startup ecosystem.
cairol: aerospace engineer, idea creator and value-based leader in the field of innovation and deep tech
Aguwiku: architect and urban planner, sustainability and climate protection expert, grew up with art, big fan of tennis
niftynaut: noun172, building to help others swap their NFTs the safe way with each other

# how will the event proliferate nouns?

Licensing is a topic we want to explore for a talk/panel. We will also have posters around the city to draw attention to the event - here we can add sponsors on the posters. Roll ups and a photo wall with logos from the sponsors will be set up (also for the VIPs to take pictures for the press in front of the wall). We are planning some side NFT exhibitions - here we have the possibility to display nouns and their story. With representatives from the city and the state of Bavaria, chances are high that there will be photos circulating in the regional and national newspapers.

In general as the event has an educational approach, we hope also to spread the word about cc0 and convince more builders to think about what kind of license they want to use for their future NFT projects.

# event location and schedule

we are planning to have the event in the Haus der Kunst (House of Art) which is a non-collecting modern and contemporary art museum in Munich, Germany.
Planned date is the 27th & 28th of May 2022.

The NFT event will help to educate the interested public about NFTs. We are sure this event will draw attention to NFTs and blockchain because it is touching the Zeitgeist and there are not many other events to educate the public about this technology in Germany, and so far none in Munich.

# schedule

DAY 1 for the public

0900-1000 Reception
1000-1030 Welcome Speeches
1030-1200 Around the block (covering the NFT basics for the public)
1200-1330 Lunch
1330-1630 what about NFTs

DAY 2 deep dive

Anchor talks mixed with a ‘call for topics’ on twitter
Web3 (metaverse, licensing, dao, security)
NFT quo vadis (gaming, fashion, food, art, tax EU, regulation)

Satellite events:
NFT exhibitions, hackathon, afterparty, cultural education for Munich visitors

# budget and next steps

Finishing the homepage
Signing the lease for the event location
Promoting the event

To provide an overview and a sense of the sizing of this project to reduce uncertainty:
A full planned event will cost around 85k EUR (~93k USD).
We are trying to cover costs completely through sponsorships.
We are in talks with the Bavarian government (and city of Munich) for supporting us and chances are in our favour that a gov representative will do an opening speech.

We would be more than happy to welcome nouns in Munich for the event and have an IRL meet-up.

# Summary:

what we ask for:

  • 10 ETH for sponsorship of the NFT event

what nouns get:

  • Nouns glasses all over the exhibition place, marketing material and on posters in Munich
  • CC0 talk / panel (happy to have nouns on it)
  • Displaying nouns at the NFT exhibition
  • (hopefully) good coverage on media outlets in Germany
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This sounds interesting!

I am not so familiar with what’s going on in Germany with NFTs but to get an idea of related events and how they have manifested in the past year. Do you have any comparables? This would help to better understand what one could expect from such an event insofar as community impact / reach.

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There is still a great need for education and information in Germany.
There are a few events, but they differ in their objectives and focus.

So far there are not many events to compare it even with. (exhibition/party) (very bank heavy)

Right now it is a right and important time for our, precisely because there are so many different approaches, ideas, areas of application etc…
Our approach also stands out above all because of the first day, which focuses on critical observation and informing the broader public.
On top of it, Bavaria has developed its own blockchain strategy. The added value of this technology for society, the economy and even for the administration is seen.

Munich is a hotspot for art! The art scene is alive and well. There are many collectors and art enthusiasts here. There is a lot of “old” culture and a lot of tradition. Our event fits right in as there is a vacuum currently we hope to fill.

We are also partnering with which organised many hackathons (200+ participants) and now organises its first web3 hackathon (Sponsors: Adidas, Siemens) in Nuremberg (population of ~800k).

Some more info about Munich:

  • 3rd largest city in Germany, 11th largest City in the EU with a population of 1.6M
  • The city is a global centre of art, science, technology, finance and its economy is based (besides cars) on high tech, creative industries, as well as IT.
  • With large universities it attracts a lot of young people with whom it would be great to connect and educate about web3 and NFTs.
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sounds awesome. i think small grants could probably help with this. looks like things are still pretty preliminary (finishing homepage, signing lease, starting to promote event), is there any way we could do partial funding amounts based on milestones?

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thanks for submitting, this seems like a unique event - echoing noun22, interested to see how we can support on some initial milestones

heyhey! first post here for me, just would like to point out that on the same week, couple of days prior, there will be NFT Berlin on the 25-27 May 2022.

Thanks for all the feedback. If anyone has any event related questions feel free to ping me on discord.
Homepage is ready - we are releasing more step by step once we confirm a couple more speakers.


Thank you Nouns for the grant!
We look forward to having a nounisch event in Munich end of May.

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