Small Grants: Nouns Fueling Ethereum's Future in Mexico

What is the project

Ethereum Mexico is at the forefront of Ethereum’s growth in Mexico, dedicated to educating individuals about blockchain technology and championing Ethereum’s values. We act as a link connecting the Ethereum community, the Ethereum Foundation, and local communities in Mexico.

Our diverse offerings include in-person meetups, engaging Twitter Spaces discussions, immersive workshops, and enriching educational content. A highlight of our 2023 agenda is a large-scale event slated for Q4 in Mexico City, expected to draw more than 800 attendees. This event is designed to catalyze education and innovation within the Ethereum community.

In our pursuit of this transformative vision, we are actively seeking sponsors, and we aspire to include Nouns as one of our valued sponsors. This is why we are applying for small grants to help make Ethereum Mexico 2023 a reality. Our track record includes active participation in significant events such as ETHMexico, #RoadToDevcon, and EthLATAM since June 2022. Ethereum Mexico is committed to going beyond mere market discussions and showcasing Ethereum’s true potential as a force for change.

How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)
Our collaboration with Nouns as an official sponsor of Ethereum Mexico 2023 will significantly contribute to the proliferation of Nouns within the Ethereum community and beyond. Here’s how it will unfold:

Visibility and Exposure: As an official sponsor, Nouns will gain prominent visibility among attendees, speakers, and participants at Ethereum Mexico 2023. This exposure will help more people discover Nouns and the unique concept behind them.

Network Expansion: Ethereum Mexico 2023 will bring together a diverse range of blockchain enthusiasts, developers, thought leaders, and innovators. This event provides an excellent opportunity for Nouns to expand their network and engage with potential collaborators, collectors, and enthusiasts.

Education and Advocacy: Through our event, Nouns can educate attendees about their project, fostering a deeper understanding of their vision and the Nouns ecosystem. This education can lead to increased interest and engagement within the Ethereum community.

Community Building: Ethereum Mexico 2023 focuses on community building and fostering collaboration. Nouns’ presence as a sponsor aligns with these goals, enabling them to become an integral part of the Ethereum community and build lasting relationships.

Media Coverage: Large-scale events like Ethereum Mexico 2023 often attract media attention. This presents an opportunity for Nouns to be featured in news articles, interviews, and social media posts, further enhancing their visibility.

In summary, our partnership with Nouns as an official sponsor will provide them with a platform to increase visibility, expand their network, educate the community, foster collaboration, and potentially receive media coverage. This will play a pivotal role in proliferating Nouns within the Ethereum ecosystem in Mexico.


  • Registration area branding
  • Logo present in event artwork
  • Press release mention
  • Social Media announcement
  • Metallic stickers of your logo
  • Talk
  • Logo during streaming breaks

How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given

For the successful execution of the outlined plan, we would like to request upfront funding of $5,000 USD. This amount will cover aspects like venue arrangements, marketing, logistics, and the integration of Nouns into our event and educational content.

The committee can decide on additional retroactive funds based on the success metrics and overall impact of the event, which will be comprehensively documented and reported.

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