Proposal: A Very Nounish Gitcoinmas NFT Crossover Event: 169 ETH to Crypto Public Goods

Proposal Draft
A Very Nounish Gitcoinmas NFT Crossover Event: 169 ETH to Open Source and Ethereum Public Goods


The proposal is for Nouns DAO to become a matching partner to the tune of 169 ETH for the Gitcoin Grants Round 12 starting December 1st. We will also commission the artists behind the successful Gitcoin Moonshot Bot NFTs to make a series of 5 Moonshot Nouns, 1 of which will be auctioned over the course of the round with the proceeds going to Gitcoin general fund, and 4 of which will go to winners that the Nouns community selects from each GR12 category (Climate, Advocacy, Longevity, Ethereum), in a limited edition NFT crossover event.

What’s Gitcoin?

How does Nouns DAO benefit?

  • Fund the public goods from which we were created and on which are future depends. Who’s going to build the roads? We are.
  • Signal to the Ethereum, crypto, open source, and builder communities that our ethos aligns with theirs. We will be the one of largest matching partners, if not the #1. The Ethereum Foundation is giving $500k specifically for the Advocacy category for example.
  • Make it normative for DAOs to support both crypto and real world public goods just as part of their DNA. Everyone benefits from this, it’s a good seed for open source crypto and decentralized organizations, because we are and always will be all in this together. We’re leaders, let’s lead.
  • Marketing to the types of creators and builders we want to attract for Nouns proposal that we are open for business. Gitcoin projects have huge overlap with the types of projects and creators we would consider funding. It’s a large gm to them all.
  • Demonstration that business should be sealed with NFT miscegenation and crossover events. In this case, between Noun DAO’s NFT and Gitcoin’s. Who knows what this type of NFT-rooted relationship could evolve into but there’s memetic consistency in sealing a deal with an NFT crossover event. Worst case, we have created more fun symbolically important art. Best case it creates deeper ways to engage and collaborate with fellow DAOs or boomer organizations like Arby’s.

Moonshot Nouns

  • These will be 5 NFTs, made and managed on the Gitcoin side with input from the Nouns side.
  • Will feature both Moonshot Bot and Nounish elements in some fashion. Obviously, the most distinctive Nounish element are our glasses but there’s also the distinctive heads which could be of use. Artist may make a themed one for each category (Climate, Advocacy, Longevity, Ethereum) and then one uber-one.
  • The uber-one NFT will be auctioned on the 1st or 2nd of the round with an auction set to end on the 2nd to last day of the Round (December 11th). Auction will be promoted on both Nouns and Gitcoin side.
    Proceeds will go to Gitcoin general fund or multisig.
  • The category Moonshot Noun NFTs will be doled out to a champion from each category, determined by a process we run on the Nouns side. Likely a small Nouns team will pick the top 10 projects in each category and then put it up for vote to the public. Potentially we can create a polling page on to drive engagement directly to our home rather than Twitter. TBD.
  • This is all subject to change if a better NFT crossover path and strategy emerge in process or it become unworkable.

Steps and Timing

  1. Gitcoin principals and Nouns principals are spun up and planning. Now.
  2. I expect to push a proposal onchain by 11/22 if not sooner. November 22nd.
  3. The grant to the Gitcoin multisig is straightforward and there’s no execution issues with it other than passing a vote. Late November.
  4. The NFTs are being felt out. Timing on the art and NFT contract will be TBD as time is short. Between now and November 30th.
  5. We will collaborate on a Gitcoin blog post that will go out at the launch of the round, and in conjunction with starting the auction for the uber-one Moonshot Noun on Opensea. Nouns side will push the voting for projects starting midway through the round. December 6th.
  6. Voting concludes, Opensea auction concludes, we distribute the NFTs to the winners. December 12-13th.


  • 169 ETH for the Gitcoin GR12 Matching Pool to 0xde21F729137C5Af1b01d73aF1dC21eFfa2B8a0d6
  • 1.69 ETH to the Artist/NFT contract creator addres. This is a plug subject to change, I will guarantee artist gets paid from my own pocket if there is a timing issue or if work is started and the Proposal is unsuccessful.


watershed proposal for the project imo.

is there a case to be made for 420.69 ETH?

either way, tytyty :heart:

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I like this idea! Totally in support


i love as well. great use of funds for doing good + nouns promotion

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Hey 12. Kudos to you for leading the charge on this.

It makes sense to support those who built and continue to build the roads on which we operate. Also, signaling to the broader community where we stand with regards to our ethos is a big plus.

Funding these types of initiatives while maintaining a balance with our main efforts is something I can get behind. You have my support!

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1% of the treasury on this?

Most of us give money privately to causes we support and have no issue with Nouns DAO also giving sizably in a philanthropic way, however the treasury expenditures should have a positive expectation in some abstract sense to the proliferation/value of the Nouns DAO and so I’d like to better understand why spending 169 eth of the treasury that isn’t branded directly with NOUNS DAO is on net beneficial and provides enough awareness to justify the expenditure?

When you guys say ‘where we stand with regards to our ethos’, what does that mean?

Someone help me understand why this isn’t a punt.


Cross posting from Discord: I outlined many reasons in the post in Discord and the Proposal itself, but what we do as a group has an impact on our community and our relationship to the other communities we’re part of. In this case, funding Ethereum and crypto public goods and making that normative for other DAOs and community members helps the macro community (on whose technologies Nouns DAO was founded and is dependent…) and also signals to builders and devs and creators, all groups for which Gitcoin has been a hub of funding and experimentation and all groups who are exactly the type of person we want to make proposals and be part of our community → “Hey we’re Nouns DAO, we want to make cool things happen, we want to make the world a little better and more fun, and we will put the treasury’s money where are Noun-mouths are, consider making cool things with us and joining us, we’re going to do awesome things and we’re going to be a great part of this community and world.”

'‘where we stand with regards to our ethos’, – Noun 117/6/4156 and others have likened Vitalik’s and Ethereum’s approach to community and building as something that is worth emulating. I 100% agree. Ethereum could have been Lisk or EOS or whatever but for an approach that emphasized working together, looking for ways to help even when it was not in your direct self interest or wouldn’t make you a dime, and having an open Bazaar-like attitude that could maximize long term organic growth and adaptation. So if there is an ethos or a model that’s shared, it’s something that is along those lines, a DAO creative sandbox.

It started when I saw this and my reaction was “how can we help?”:

So expect some more things along this line, at appropriate amounts relative to our Treasury, but signals that we’re here for the long term, we’re here to help, we’re going to make awesome things and have fun doing it, join us. Thankful givings