Small Grants: Honduras NFT workshops and Exhibitions

What is the project

NFT the Future of Art is the first edition of a new ongoing event organized by Ethereum Honduras, aimed at presenting Honduran art as NFTs and holding a series of presentations on the world of NFTs, Ethereum, and Web3.

During the event, there will be a permanent exhibition of Honduran artists who have converted their works to NFTs and some outstanding NFT art collections. In parallel, there will be a series of presentations and panels regarding this new art form, NFT markets, how to mint art pieces into NFTs, as well as the Ethereum platform with its potential and many applications. With the intent of providing exposure to innovative Honduran artists, as well as empowering them and raising awareness of the fantastic opportunities Ethereum can provide to Honduran society. The event is completely free and any purchase of art will be made through the proper channels, Ethereum Honduras does not receive money or charge for its public good activities.

The date is Saturday, December 10th at La Galeria, a happening shopping center that actively promotes Honduran art as well, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The exhibition will showcase 10 Honduran digital artists that already have NFTs in the market and they will be selected by a panel of three curators (art managers & collectors). During the 8 hours of exhibition, there will be 7 presentations and panels going on.

How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has)

  • During the exhibition there will be screens showcasing NFT art, one of the screens will be devoted to the Nouns project, showcasing several Nouns characters as a successful example of generative NFT art, the Nouns DAO is able to pick which ones showcase.
  • We also want to get people excited and have some cool nounsvision glasses that we will use to take some pics during the exhibition and will moderate a panel with them.
  • Many artists will be invited to listen to the ongoing presentations regarding how to mint art into NFTs, and how to promote and sell NFTs. We will do a talk and use Nouns as part of the agenda explaining how is a great example of experimenting with NFTs for governance and sustainable Public Goods funding.
  • We will add nouns brand as sponsor in every art of the event.

Our desired outcome is to create awareness and promote interaction of the Ethereum ecosystem with the Honduran Artists. Our goal is to empower artists to start earning more with their art.

How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given

5 ETH to cover installation (screens and seating arrangements for the presentations), advertisement (yes, we still print some flyers around here, it helps get the word around) refreshments for the public as well as lunch & stipends for the volunteers.

Why trust us?

Here are some of the activities that we have organized in the past years:

  • More than 50 meetups, and special events & workshops about the Ethereum ecosystem like NFT onboarding, wallet workshops, etc.
  • Starting in 2022, we allocated funds for more than19 scholarships for community members.
  • Collaborated with other international communities such as Eth Latam in launching their own Devcon CLR round.
  • Launched a pilot for CRL rounds that financed 17 community projects.

Event Arts

Here are some examples of the arts we are going to use.