Small Grants: Nouns.Art Development

Nouns Art

tl;dr = Nounfred is seeking Small Grant funding to continue the development of the Nouns Art website and its Collective.


Nouns Art is launching the Nounish student art showcase to onboard and incentivize 1,000,000,000+ students worldwide to submit art and public works proposals that will enhance their schools and communities.

Nouns Art Collective NFT holders (1,000) will be forever known on-chain as the genesis curators of this Nounish proliferation protocol. Genesis Curators are currently being tasked via Twitter to complete specific requests that increase the capabilities of the Nouns Art protocol as well as grow the network of schools, student artists, and Nouns Art advocates. The completion of each request will be rewarded with the bounty of a Nouns Art Collective NFT.

Over the past month, Nounfred has iterated on UX/UI, design, and optimizations including conversations and video calls to gather feedback from the teams at and VectorDAO. The result of those conversations found that custom AddressForm web3 forms, AddressForm video upload options, web design & storytelling refinements as well as optimizations via the Syndicate Collective Developer Platform for the Nouns Art collective will streamline and improve the Nouns.Art experience for students, Nouners, school administrators, and other users.

Benefits to the DAO is already integrated into many other key Nounish projects. Therefore, the building out of AddressForm video upload and display capabilities will be useful to the DAO as a whole.

In addition, Nounfred has leveraged IRL governmental, administrative, and school faculty relationships in Antigua & Barbuda, Compton, CA, Florida, and Puerto Rico that will generate the initial submissions of student art and public works proposals. Clear branding and messaging along with an optimized user experience for Nouns Art will allow for an enhanced user experience and increase the website’s onboarding efficiency, which will bolster Nounish proliferation starting with students as well as school administrators, teachers, parents, and communities.

Execution: Proposed Budget 10 ETH will handle the customizations for the Nouns Art web3 forms as well as develop the video upload capabilities. 2.5 ETH

VectorDAO will work with Nounfred to refine the design and story effectiveness & cohesion of the Nouns Art website. 2.5 ETH

Nounfred will also continue to work with the teams on dev. tools, optimizations, and management of the Nouns Art Collective. 2.5 ETH

Nounfred will continue to coordinate the necessary teams and is requesting compensation for the past 3 months of behind-the-scenes development, aligning of the necessary governmental & school faculty relationships, and hours of iterating on these Nounish proliferation platforms. 2.5 ETH

A total request for 10.00 ETH or USD $13,000.00 equivalent

Nounfred will continue to develop, coordinate, and evolve all the necessary components of Nouns Art, with the intention to drive Nounish proliferation to the moon while simultaneously empowering 1,000,000,000+ students and their communities.