Nouner Pickleball Artifest


The Nouner Pickleball Artifest will blend sports, art, and community engagement, significantly contributing to the proliferation of the Nouns ecosystem. By combining a fun and healthy activity with creative expressions, we aim to create an immersive and interactive experience that highlights the unique appeal of NounsDAO. We seek 5 - 8 ETH in funding to bring this vibrant event to life within one weekend and look forward to your support.

This event will proliferate Nouns by:

-Showcasing Nouns-themed artworks and merchandise to a diverse audience.
-Encouraging community in learning about NounsDAO for participating in the event.
-Leveraging social media and online platforms to share event highlights, driving engagement and attracting new followers to the Nouns community.

  • Collaborating with local artists and businesses for the event will integrate the Nouns brand into the community, enhancing its local presence and fostering goodwill.

Funding Request: 5 - 8 ETH

Budget Breakdown:

  1. Venue Rental: 2 ETH
  2. Marketing : Digital marketing - promotional materials: 0.5 ETH
  3. Event Production: Staging, AV equipment, and technical support: 1 ETH
  4. Artist Commissions for Live Art: Payments to artists for live art creation and panels: 0.5-1 ETH
  5. Pickleball Equipment and Prizes: Branded paddles, balls, nets, and prize money: 1 ETH
  6. Food and Beverage Vendors: Fees or stipends for food and beverage vendors: 0.5 -1 ETH
  7. Nouns-themed Merchandise Production: Cost of producing and distributing merchandise: 0.5 ETH
  8. Miscellaneous Expenses: Contingencies and additional resources: .5 ETH

Total estimated cost: 6 - 8 ETH


Project Plan:

Preparation Phase:

Secure a venue with pickleball courts and space for art activities(including artists) and vendors.
Recruit artists to create live Nouns-themed artworks during the event.
Develop a marketing campaign to promote the tournament and art festival.
Arrange for food and beverage vendors and produce Nouns-themed merchandise.

Event Phase (Weekend):

-Host the pickleball tournament with brackets for different skill levels.

-Conduct live art creation sessions and interactive artist panels.

-Facilitate a marketplace for attendees to purchase Nouns-themed merchandise.

-Merch giveaway to attendees

-Provide a variety of food and beverage options through vendor stalls.

-Engage the community through social media, and in person networking.

Post-Event Phase:

-Showcase highlights and recordings of the tournament and art activities.

-Distribute prizes

-Gather feedback and plan for future iterations of the event.

Community Engagement:

The event will be promoted on social media platforms, leveraging pre-event campaigns, potential influencer partnerships, and live coverage to build anticipation and drive engagement. Interactive elements such as pre-event contests, live social media challenges, and virtual workshops will ensure wide participation and inclusion. Collaborative art projects, including a community mural and digital collaborations, will foster a sense of community, while incentives for sharing and referral programs will encourage participants to spread the word. Post-event surveys and ongoing online meetups will maintain engagement, ensuring that the community remains active and connected long after the event concludes. All art work will include noggles!

Noggles everywhere!