Nouns x artnet : 2022 WEB3/Digital Art report

Hey, I’m Gigi! I am currently in charge of artnet’s web3 strategy.

We are looking for a sponsor/sponsors for our 2022 report and thought that you would be a FANTASTIC sponsor for this edition. Honestly, psyched about this idea, and thought I would write a proposal!


  • Artnet proposes a sponsorship for Noun for their 2022 REPORT
  • The report is widely recognized in the art industry and is read by art professionals and collectors (See our 2021 NFT 30 report)
  • Benefits include increased brand exposure, access to industry insights, networking opportunities, reputation enhancement, and potential media coverage.
  • The sponsorship budget is $100,000 to cover sponsorship fees, Noun branding in the report, and media coverage monitoring.
  • Success metrics include impressions, networking connections, media coverage, and increased brand recognition.


The 2022 web report by Artnet will focus on the creators and makers that are building and positively culturally impacting the web3 space. These individuals are creating new ways for society to engage with and rethink the current social structures we have inherited. The report will explore the innovative and groundbreaking work being done in the tech and art communities, highlighting those who are pushing boundaries and changing the status quo. By shining a light on these individuals and their work, the report aims to inspire and inform others to continue pushing the limits of what is possible in the web and crypto space.

Our report is widely recognized as a leading authority on the state of the art industry and is read by art collectors, galleries, museums, and auction houses around the world. (See 2021 NFT 30 REPORT)

By sponsoring the report, Noun can increase its visibility in the art world and enhance its brand reputation among art professionals and collectors.

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  1. Increased Brand Exposure: Noun’s logo and brand message will be prominently displayed in the report, reaching a wide audience of art professionals and collectors.
  2. Access to Industry Insights: The report will provide Noun with valuable insights and analysis on the current state of the art industry, helping Noun to make informed decisions and stay ahead of industry trends.
  3. Networking Opportunities: The sponsorship will provide Noun with access to exclusive networking opportunities with art professionals and collectors, enhancing Noun’s visibility in the art community.
  4. Reputation Enhancement: The sponsorship with Artnet, a well-respected authority in the art industry, will enhance Noun’s reputation and credibility in the eyes of art professionals and collectors.
  5. Media Coverage: The sponsorship may generate media coverage, giving Noun the opportunity to reach an even wider audience and strengthen its brand recognition.

Budget Breakdown:

Artnet proposes a sponsorship budget of $100,000 for the 2022 report, to cover the following expenses:

  • Sponsorship fee to Artnet
  • Noun logo and brand messaging in the report (Dedicated page)
  • Media coverage monitoring and analysis

Success Metrics:

  • Number of impressions and engagement generated by Noun’s branding in the report
  • Number of new networking connections and collaborations resulting from the sponsorship
  • Media coverage and visibility in art industry publications
  • Increased brand recognition and reputation in the art world.