Small Grants: Sponsor an Art Exhibition showcasing Art Noun #1

Hey Nouners,

We want to introduce Nouns and Art Nouns (@ArtNouns) to art fans, and bring cutting-edge digital art to physical world.


Sponsor an Karelian AI Art Exhibition with the inaugural showcasing of Art Noun #1 in Helsinki, Finland ⌐◨-◨


Art Noun #1 is a 100 cm x 100 cm painting.

The painting is made by first creating an algorithmic art image with the help of different AI techniques, the digital image is printed on canvas, and the final artwork is finished with acrylic, oil, and UV paint (the image seen above is the print version).

The finished painting will be shown in a gallery with ~10 other Collaborative AI Art paintings.


Introduce Nouns and Art Nouns to art fans, and bring cutting-edge digital art to physical world.


Artist ran gallery, Luna Unlimited, in the Design District of Helsinki, Finland.


June 16 - June 22, 2022


Sponsor part of the costs of the exhibition, promotion, and the drinks at the opening party.

Nouns logo in promotional poster and in exhibition with other other sponsors (City of Helsinki, and Arts Promotion Centre Finland).

Nouns story explained via art to exhibition visitors (art fans and tech people).

Digital content from the exhibition to share and showcase the diffusion of Nouns from digital to physical across the world.


0.5 ETH in total

  • Gallery rent = 0.15 ETH
  • Drinks at the opening party = 0.15 ETH
  • Printing costs of promotional posters = 0.15 ETH
  • Misc. costs = 0.05 ETH


Karelian AI (@KarelianAI) is an art collaboration of Aleksandra Mallet (b. 1984) and Jukka Multisilta (b. 1984). The name Karelian AI, referring to the outcome of combining Artificial Intelligence algorithms with the artists’ roots in the current and former Finnish Karelia, and the art & cultural history of Karelianism.

Aleksandra Mallet is an artist and gallerist currently living in Helsinki. She has crafted an international career with exhibitions in Mexico, Berlin, France, Helsinki, and Tallinn.

Her work is inspired by the Yucatán Peninsula and the colourful Mayan culture while still drawing from her artistic origins.

Jukka Multisilta is an experienced technology and business strategy professional with experience working across industries from technology to industrial products - both with the largest global companies and early-stage startups.

In his future PhD of Arts studies he will be researching the role of Art and Artists in technology-enabled innovation.

You can see more images of our past work in:

Our website: Gallery — Karelian AI

Aleksandra’s instagram:

Happy to also share images of other artwork to be shown alongside Art Noun #1.