Proposal: Nouns on canvases

Proposal: Nouns on canvases (update)

A unique experience for the community and owners!

(That’s an updated version of the previous proposal. Text below is written by Mike, direct speech is used in quotation marks)

Hello there Nounders, Nowners, and Nouns community! It’s Anastasia and Mike here. We are extremely delighted to present you with our idea! It’s aimed to provide current and future Nouns owners with amazing physical pieces of the Nouns they possess.

But firstly, let us introduce ourselves:

Anastasia: “Hey! As you already know, My name is Anastasia, I’m a female artist and student from Moscow! I love art, feel like it has always been a huge part of my life.”

Mike: “Hey everyone! Some of you might already know me, I’m a freelance artist, student, and enthusiast from Moscow. My nature is in love with both finance and painting, that’s why I got into NFT space.️”

Important to say, Anastasia and I are in love with what the NounsDAO community has already built and are fascinated by the impact it has on the whole NFT space. Honestly speaking, we genuinely believe that building a strong community around the project is dramatically compelling and with NounsDAO, it couldn’t be better❤️


A proposal to the Nouns community to make specially designed physical drawings of the Nouns. It won’t be just casual redrawing, we really care about the artistic side of the project and wish to make them as unique as possible :sparkles:



To share more details, here are the roles both of us are going to have:

Anastasia: “I will be responsible for the creativity part - all Nouns will be drawn by me.:writing_hand:

Mike: “I will be managing the communication, negotiation, funding aspects, and canvas delivery to the owners.”

The process:

  • If you’re interested in ordering a painting, please reach us out via any of Mike’s socials(links below) or direct messages on this website (Discourse Nouns)
  • After the payment, if there are no people ahead of you in the “digital” queue waiting for the painting, we will start working on yours.
  • The artwork itself takes about 3 days to create and a 14/21-day international delivery to reach the destination :package:

Canvas specs:

  • 30x30cm / 12x12 inches size


Considering the delivery costs, our efforts put into the notion, we ended up on 0.2 ETH per painting.


0xE6A41335b7E6265558Cb84610eC43136e22161d5 - Mike’s ETH wallet.

Funds division between Anastasia and Mike: 50/50


  • Anastasia: ig - @opiatiaustala
  • Mike: ig - @gavrilovmike, Twitter - @gavrilov_mike, Opensea - @gavrilovmike, Foundation - @07
  • We are planning to create a Twitter page, dedicated to the process of the work’s creation.

Again, we are charmed by an opportunity to honor NounsDAO efforts and make your works even more worthy through our art❤️

We would be happy to answer any questions!


Anastasia & Mike

More work by Anastasia✨:

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