The Nouns Mural Project

Hello, my name is Diego Basave, I am a videogame marketer living in New York and i’ve been building a proposal for the NounsDAO. I am going to post it in this channel in the hopes that Noun holders are interested in helping me put it to a vote. I had great pics to go with the presentation, but i don’t think you’ll be able to see them. Hope you like it!!

The Nouns Mural Project

There is nothing like experiencing a work of art in a huge format while you walk around a city. Murals are a forgotten artform that has been resurging in the past decade to become an important urban expression for emerging artists. The goal of the Nouns Mural project is to connect relevant working artists around the globe with one of the most important NFT art collections of our time. To immortalize the Nouns through the eyes of artists from completely different backgrounds in the largest cities of the planet.

The Nouns Mural project will select landmark spaces in selected cities of the world to host various artworks inspired by the Nouns art collection. Each phase will focus in one city which will host 3 different murals in a period of 6 months. Each mural will be painted by a different artist, all of which will be selected with the help of a local curator who we will partner with us in each city.

The 3 artists will have different backgrounds and present different perspectives of the Nouns collection. The digital reproductions will be sold/auctioned as NFTs and all profits from each phase will go towards the next stage of the project in a different city.

Phase 1: Brooklyn

Brooklyn has become one of the most important destinations for artists, students, tourists and young people in general. North Brooklyn is the perfect place for this initiative, the perfect mix between an industrial and residential landscape where thriving young community lives and walks around.

Below are our top 3 priority locations, already quoted and available for the summer of 2023, when millions of people will be walking around the area. The plan is to book the same space for the 3 murals. Each artwork would be displayed for a whole month, with a period of 7-10 days in between for painting the next piece.

  • Brooklyn Priority locations
    • Option 1: Wythe Avenue and 11th Street

      • Surrounded by a variety of local bars, restaurants and hotels, this wall has an enormous amount of foot traffic year-round. With the Brooklyn Brewery and the Brooklyn bowl around the corner this is one of the most coveted walls in the neighborhood
    • Option 2: North 10th St and Wythe Avenue

      • Right in between three hotels (Wythe, Hoxton and Williamsburg) and some of the greatest bars and restaurants in the city. This street is the place to walk around during the spring and summer months.
    • Option 3: South 5th St between Union and Broadway

      • Resting prominently between two congested subway stations, masses of Brooklynites, Manhattanites and out-of-towners buzz around this wallscape. Very close by you can find the Rosemont, Bar Velo, Williamsburg Pizza.


For the incredibly important task of being the Nouns Mural curator in Brooklyn, NY we looked to partner with someone that has experience in the NY art world at various levels. These are the main qualifications we were looking for

  • Being an artist: We didn’t want someone who just reviews art, we wanted to partner with someone who is an artist and has experience working at a medium/high end gallery level in the city of NY. He/she should know about materials, pricing, delivery schedules, and most importantly have a vast knowledge about the industry.
  • International experience: We were looking for someone that had worked in different countries and that can grant us access to artists from various backgrounds and nationalities. NYC is a multicultural place, so we wanted diversity in the artists that we chose
  • Experienced curator: Renting a wall in an urban area requires precise timing. We needed someone that can stick to a specific timeline and that can select artists that will abide by the rules of the project. We believe that experience curating important exhibits is necessary to achieve this.

Our current candidate is Mario Navarro, a Latin American artist/curator currently living in NYC. Depending on the final timing of the project, he will be our first choice.

Mural Vendor

For this project we have selected to partner with Colossal. An Out of Home vendor that specializes in mural advertising and that has many of the best spaces in the city of New York. Colossal has been instrumental in bringing back this medium to life. We have a solid experience working with them in other projects and they have both the best placements and the customer service we need to run a project like this

Nouns Mural Project Treasury

Whether the final version of the artwork that is reproduced on each mural is digital or physical will depend on each artist. We do not want to limit them in terms of materials, if their final work can be properly reproduced on a mural. The Nouns Mural Project Treasury will be created with the purpose of deciding when to keep, sell, or auction physical artworks and NFT collections out of any final version of the works. All profits will go towards funding the next phase of the project each year.


There will be a twitter account exclusively dedicated to the communication of the Noun Mural Project. The account will post artwork updates, information about the artists, and will serve as a place for interested potential partners to reach out

Twitter account: Nouns Mural Project

Upcoming Phases

For the next 2 phases of this project, we are looking to select cities in different continents that meet the most important criteria.

  • A vibrant NFT community that has proven to be engaged with the digital artwork space
  • A city that allows for murals to be painted legally in desirable locations
  • A city where young physical/digital artists are thriving

We will be evaluating the following 6 options through the duration of phase 1: Paris, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires. From these locations, we are prioritizing the options where there is a global cultural event happening in a specific period of time (example: Paris during the summer Olympics, Rio de Janeiro during the Carnaval)

Administration and Execution

  • Diego Basave McPhail will take care of the proper administration and execution of this project. Diego is a veteran in the media and videogame industries. For the past 12 years he has worked helping videogame publishers thrive in emerging markets. With a long experience in media, a big part of his day to day has been working with traditional and digital vendors, including the planning and execution of Out of Home campaigns in some of the toughest markets in the world (Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Dominican Republic, USA, Canada & Mexico.) With his experience we will ensure that each stage is a success.


  • Mural Rent Space
    • Option 1 Rental: $40,000 x 3 months (final negotiation with vendor pending)
    • Option 1 paint job: $12,000 x 3 murals (final negotiation with vendor pending)
  • Curator Fee
    • $8,000
  • Artist Fees
    • Artist 1: $9,000
    • Artist 2: $9,000
    • Artist 3: $9,000
  • Administration/Execution Fees
    • Execution & Administrative Fee Phase 1: $12,000
    • Estimated additional costs: $16,000 (includes contracts with artists, materials requested by artists, scouting expenses, professional digital photographs of the process)
  • Total: $219,000 (136 ETH)


The commercialization of the final artwork is essential to ensure the sustainability of the project. Phase one should deliver physical/digital artworks that will be auctioned/sold as per the Nouns Dao decision. Each phase should be able to deliver most, if not all the funds that are needed for the next one.

The target is that by phase 3, funds will be sufficient enough to grow the scale considerable, or to dedicate a portion of the funds towards building the buzz around the mural exhibits.

Proposed Transactions

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