Small Grants: ProNouns

Dear Nouns,

We would like to open a discussion and make a proposal for a small grant. Our NFT project is called ProNouns. Which we like to call Nouns for Degenz. Our NFT launch will be a mostly Free Mint. This project aims to create a new layer within the Nouns ecosystem.
(This is a draft open to all feedback while answering any/all questions that may arise)


As we all know the current market is in a weird place; some may even call it pretty bad for now. One of the things that have emerged from the current condition is the “Free Mint” and “Degen” NFT drops.

We feel this is the opportune time to introduce many new collectors and build a new community within the Nouns ecosystem. Many in the space may not be familiar with Nouns as we have been learning or they are priced out. This is the niche we will fill.

We will be offering the lowest barrier of entry with a free mint. Opening the door and making it accessible to thousands. We will then build upon this new community with the goal of making a “launchpad”; a business incubator of sorts. Our community will vote upon the best proposals that would further proliferate NounsDao and submit these proposals to NounsDao and/or LilNounsDAO.

We would also like to support other projects within the Nounish community (one example below with funding request) and would love for Nounish supporters to be a part of the community.

Proliferation of Nouns

As noted we will be onboarding possibly thousands of people within the space and introducing them while educating them on all things Nouns.

From within this new community and the size of it…we are fairly confident that we will find individuals who will come up with ideas to proliferate NounsDao and will get new proposals accepted by this community.

Also, we intend to work together (hopefully) with other Nounish projects and introduce our community to these projects.

Who we are

I and two others are middle-aged gentlemen who have been involved with Crypto since 2016/2017 and NFTs for over a year. At this point, we prefer to remain anonymous and will make a statement shortly in regards because “doxxing” seems to be a trend. We, all three do have the luxury to work on this project full time as we all have been living abroad and fully into Crypto and Web3 for several years.


Within One Month:
Create a contract and mint function for the website (completed).
Finish a website (in progress).
Campaign on Twitter (just started) and other social media.
Collect a list of whitelisted individuals who are willing to mint.
Have a successful launch.
Give back to the new community.

Within Two months:
Build and create a new community.

Within Three months:
Create a Dao
Start bringing Proposals to NounsDao

Funding Proposal

We are asking for a total of 3 Ethereum

This would be used to acquire 8 Lil Nouns with an average price today of around 0.22 ETH
Four Lil Nouns would be kept by ProNouns which would allow us to bring smaller proposals to the LilNounsDAO. The other four will be raffled off (using a provably fair system) to holders of ProNouns. Total 1.76 ETH
The remainder of the funds would be spread amongst purchases of other Nounish projects such as StonedNouns, SharkDAO, and Gnars.
These would also all be raffled away to holders.

We are also open to these raffled tokens being held and dispersed to winners from a NounsDAO wallet if preferred.

One additional ask to the community would be any form of support such as reactions and follows on Twitter ( @pronoun_nft ) to spread the word. We would love to see a vote of validation so to speak from a Nounder but we’re not counting on that as of yet.

For now, we would appreciate any feedback and support. Looking forward to feedback.

Thank you all in advance for your time.

sounds interesting. would this have unique artwork? would it just be an infinite free mint or is there a way this dao could envision growing it’s treasury as the community grows and potentially acquire a noun?

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The artwork would come from the the traits/layers of Nouns.
We have decided to set the mint pricing as follows: The first 1000 would be 0.0069 leaving us with 6.9 ETH to purchase some Lil Nouns and reinvest into the project. The next 4000 will be a free mint. To incentivize early minters we will airdrop 500 ProNouns to the earliest (paid minters). 55 will be held back in a vault and/or reserved for future giveaways. Any/all royalties from aftermarket sales will also be reinvested into the project.

We envision the “business incubator” to not only include finding and submitting proposals for NoiunsDao submissions but also expanding this to a variety of tools and funding sources. Anything from credit help and repair to loans from angel investors, banks, etc. I personally came from a position funding small business owners and know that there are many ways to monetize from helping others and growing businesses. Why not add in micro loans and add that to the income stream. There are countless ways to monetize.
Also, there are ideas spinning to release mini drops so to speak where holders of these NFTs will be entered into giveaways. This could possibly bring additional funds from aftermarket sales of said drops.
It may take some time to get the “correct” entrepreneurial minded holders in but we believe in time it will happen and new members will join when word spreads.

Of course one of the main goals will be to acquire a Nouns! Not only would this allow us to submit proposals but also it is a sound investment. I recall the price of Nouns at one point last year and it hurts my heart I did not purchase at the time. lol. I truly believe that the value will continue to rise along with certain other NFT projects anf crypto in general. Another reason this is a great time to build now.

Sorry for the long response. Thank you for the questions.

cool. sounds interesting and i hope this is successful but typically our grants funding for forks/derivatives relates to mint fees or retroactive rewards, not to finance the purchase of Lil Nouns or other Nounish projects/extensions

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Might be a good one to submit to lil nouns prop house? I’m not sure what their guidelines are on using funds to purchase lil nouns though.

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On it by the end of day for sure. They do have something similar. TY.