Nouns x Art - Bridging Web2 and Web3 through Physical Art and NFTs

This project aims to expand the Nouns DAO brand and create awareness by inviting artists to create physical artworks that integrate the Noggles logo. The artworks will be minted as NFTs and auctioned online. The highest bidder will have the option to redeem the physical canvas. The project’s focus is onboarding web2 artists to web3 and supporting their work while safely guiding them into the web3 space.

My name is Gustavo, I’m a 38yo illustrator and a graffiti artist from Porto with 20+ years of experience:
Through my journey, I’ve conquered the respect and friendship of other artists.
I took my master’s in Digital Arts and Multimedia at ESAD, an amazing design uni in Portugal and I’ve always been curious about the digital world and its endless possibilities but I’ve never given up on the physical side of art, competing head to head with other artists for the most artwork spread around town.
First heard about NFTs in 2018 from a photographer friend but couldn’t understand the utility behind them and only got into web3 in Q2 2021 after a dev (who I now work with) took the time to explain me the details. After that, I was hooked and keep on trying to onboard other web2 artists.

The proposal suggests inviting artists from one city at a time, to create physical artworks integrating the Noggles logo. Each artist will be paid the equivalent of 500€ in Ethereum, inclusive of paint materials, for painting their artwork on a 60x80cm canvas. After completion, the canvases will be minted as NFTs directly to the artists’ wallets as proof of provenance and then auctioned online. Bidding will start at 300€ in Ethereum, and 50% of the final bid will go to the corresponding artist’s wallet, with the other 50% returning to Nouns DAO as a way of not draining the treasury.
An anonymous delivery service will be utilized to maintain buyer anonymity.
I suggest starting with 20 artists from Porto, Portugal, a city known for its creativity, where I grew up and the artistic community trusts me the most, in alternative we can add Lisbon to this pilot project and I can reach 20 more artists there (already have made a careful selection for Porto and Lisbon).

By collaborating with high-quality artists and integrating the Noggles logo into their compositions, we can generate awareness among both the art community and potential collectors. Additionally, this initiative serves as an opportunity to onboard web2 artists into the web3 space, supporting their work and guiding them safely, establishing a strong connection between Nouns DAO and the art community. The integration of the Noggles ensures brand recognition and consistency across the artworks. Offering fair compensation and supporting web2 artists in their transition to web3 fosters a positive and inclusive environment.

This proposal requires the development of a smart contract to facilitate the auctions and ensure a secure and transparent process. The smart contract should handle the bidding mechanics, the redemption option for physical canvases, and the distribution of funds to artists and the Nouns DAO treasury. A Twitter handle (@nounsxart) has already been created to showcase the artwork and provide information about the artists and the project.

during the auctioning process, matching the current bid of a non-holder will win the auction, and if two holders are bidding for the same amount, the holder with more Nouns NFTs will win.

  • I’m eager to respond to your inquiries and follow the community’s guidance for this project’s success and its nounish objectives.

sharing the names and IG links for the 20 artists I’ve selected for the city of PORTO:

Contra - ALMA (@contra.ruido) • Instagram photos and videos
Draw - Frederico Draw (@draw.ruido) • Instagram photos and videos
Eime - DANIEL EIME (@daniel.eime) • Instagram photos and videos
Fedor - Fedor.Rua (@fedor.rua) • Instagram photos and videos
Gil madeira - Gil Madeira (@gil.madeira_) • Instagram photos and videos
Glam - Catarina Glam (@catarinaglam) • Instagram photos and videos
Godmess - GODMESS (@thegodmess) • Instagram photos and videos
Grau - G R A U (@grau_a_grau) • Instagram photos and videos
Gustavo Carreiro - Gustavo Carreiro (@gustavo__carreiro) • Instagram photos and videos
Hazul - Hazul Luzah (@hazul) • Instagram photos and videos
Laro - Laro Lagosta (@larolagosta) • Instagram photos and videos
Mesk - MESK__85 (@mesk85) • Instagram photos and videos
Oker - OKER (@okerland) • Instagram photos and videos
Podre - Pedro Podre (@pedro.podre) • Instagram photos and videos
Rupertwo - theRupert (@therupertwo) • Instagram photos and videos
Sem - mynameisnotSEM (@mynameisnotsem) • Instagram photos and videos
Third - Nuno Palhas (@thirdrua) • Instagram photos and videos
Virus - VIRUS ( • Instagram photos and videos
Caver -
Dub -

(Caver and Dub IG links have underscores before and after their handles)

I believe that both the variety and quality of these artists can appeal to a wide range of art enthusiasts and collectors. The artists have not been contacted yet, but that will be the next step if this proposal receives a positive evaluation. I have the phone numbers of all the artists and will personally guide them through the process of creating the digital portfolio, as well as be available to answer any questions that may arise.

I also have a list of 20 artists from Lisbon but sadly Vhils (the most known Portuguese artist) is not on that list because, although I know him personally, I don’t believe he would accept including a brand logo in his personal work.

I just came back from a street art festival where I had the opportunity to individually speak with most of the selected artists for this project, explain the concept to them, and they all agreed to be part of it. I made a similar proposal in another DAO (which I helped create) to work with 12 artists, and we are about to move forward with the project.
I need your help to show the artists that it is possible to work and believe in web3 projects because the artistic community has been bombarded with scams through messages on their social networks and emails.
Your comment or question will be a great help in further developing this idea, so thank you in advance.