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Noundies Going to NY & London Fashion Weeks 2023

Noundies Prop Promo

Please watch our pitch!:point_up:






Very excited to be a part of this!

  1. What’s the ask? It isn’t clear the total amount that you’re requesting from the DAO, is it $50,370? What’s that in ETH?

  2. Is Jens Laugesen being compensated for his work? It looks as though you’re heavily leaning into his reputation in the Fashion industry, but I didn’t see anything mentioned about him being compensated for this. (If he’s offering his time pro bono, that’s a massive value ad for the prop).

  3. You haven’t mentioned the potential price for the merch, it’s “high end” can you outline what the potential prices for these items are and what your target audience is? (Recent nounish merch has struggled to sell at even middle price points)

  4. You mention several organizations working in marginalized communities and that if you are successful with selling your Noundies merch line you will donate a percentage of your proceeds to them, What percentage? What happens if you aren’t successful selling your merch? Are there ways you plan to engage with these organizations otherwise?

  5. I’m confused as to the Sneak Peak into future collaborations: are you producing and delivering Noundies with the current prop? Or would that be a future prop? Would the funds from this prop only be used to generate a sample collection but not merchandise ready to sell?

  6. Are you planning on sending a portion of the proceeds from selling the Noundies merch line back to the DAO?


Hi @lilskrtskrt, This is Nico responding (my account has some tech difficulties so I couldn’t post or reply through mine) great to hear from you :slight_smile: Thank you so much for taking the time, reading the prop and asking great constructive questions.

  1. We will make it more clear on the on chain prop, but yes. We used the amount in dollars just because our sponsorship costs are paid in dollars. As of today’s eth price of $1581.53, the amount of ask is 31.85 eth. The total savings for the nouns dao is 102.65 eth.

  2. Absolutely, he is getting compensated for his R&D, Design, Art Direction for the virtual runway, travel and accommodations to travel to NY and also his event in London. Artists need to make a living and that’s The Fashion DAO’s mission to empower designers like him in the Web3 space and beyond by allowing them to do what they love without having to be hired by conglomerates that will own them and their designs.

  3. We are planning to do our due diligence on the suppliers and the market, before putting up the Noundies for sale and that’s why we mentioned those all come later, hopefully in a month. I would also not call Noundies a merch, Jens is a luxury designer and these are high end streetwear. We will think and research more extensively and are open to any ideas before we go for that phase. The focus of this prop is the design and launch at the most prominent fashion events in the world for a huge audience that may not get any other correct exposure to the possibilities of web3, but has a strong spending power and taste. I can’t wait for a day that we have a fashion DAO within the Nouns full of Fashion experts and enthusiasts that will do good for Nouns and beyond.

  4. We will release for sales on the next milestone and reveal all these details to very soon. @Swoleluksobags is our community lead and cofounder of EnergyXChange, so we have full trust on his execution on all these great social goods. We will find ways to collaborate and support his amazing mission driven activities one way or the other.

  5. Yes, we wanted to start small and keep this prop at a reasonable amount that would prove us to the Nouns and still provides maximum value(proliferation over cost) to the community. Also, we want to do research and hear feedback before going for mass production. That’s why we are The Fashion DAO, we want to make the fashion industry better and more efficient using Web3. Traditionally, brands will keep everything behind close doors and then produce at scale and wish for customers to buy(that might be what happened with other merch). We believe in the power of community and 2 way communication. We want to hear from you all what color, size, style variations we should do. What elements of the collections you would wanna buy and is it just for you or also your friends and family and many more questions that we are planning to ask the community before the next milestone.

  6. We are open to discuss that. As far as I have learnt, the Nounders are looking for people to do good in the world using Nouns brand and funding and also making sustainable and independent business models. We are committed to do good both by empowering designers and also supporting underprivileged communities. We are also real business people that have many ideas to make this fashion line and also other Nouns subdaos self sustainaning and empowered using metaverse and web3. More will come on this in the near future :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your time, attention and constructive feedback :pray:


This will literary be the first ever DAO inspired fashion capsule to feature as a phygital brand in any of the Big 4’s. Let’s push this proposal through :raised_hands:t5::raised_hands:t5: let’s make history together #redefiningfashionweek #equalopportunity #phygitalfashion


This is very detailed! Ask is reasonable.
Excited to see this go live . All the best FashionDAO!


Thank you so much :butterfly:🫶🏾


Thank you! Very excited!


Hey guys, check out our updated draft above!
Join our twitter space at TNS tonight to discuss more:


Nico would be an awesome person to have building in Nouns - so it makes sense to make a Noun as part of the comp. This proposal has far more upside than the cost, not really close, imo.

My only questions were already answered above. Definitely in support of this one!


You should be protected at all cost :relaxed: Thank you so much for your vote of confidence in Nico. I couldn’t agree more.


Noundies Prop Promo

Checkout our latest explainer video!:point_up:

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Thank you so much! It would be an honor for me to serve this amazing community!

hey! The biggest feedback I have is that it’s not super clear exactly what is being delivered and when, and with the fashion weeks coming up (and being an external/hard deadline) this seems like very tight timing.

When I first skimmed through the prop I thought the garments would be available to Nouners based on the “Nouners in Noundies image” - being dependent on a future milestone, it would be good to include a rough/estimated cost for that prop and a range of potential price points the garments would be sold for.

“Premiere of a teaser film for Nouns virtual runway @ London Fashion Week”: If we only have a teaser film for London Fashion week, the Virtual Runway wont be complete/on display until after NY and London fashion weeks are over? When would it be ready? What is the planned method for distribution and engagement at that point?

What is the design/production status of the 10 looks? Are all physicals expected to be delivered in time for both of the fashion events? There might only be ~1 week of lead time after you put a prop up and go through voting period to get funding site not resolving for me

Is there a blockchain/NFT aspect to the digital garments? I see game engine files being generated but nothing about minting or smart contract/platform details

It’s not clear what the details of the give back initiative with EnergyXChange are for this / future proposals.

Hi Oni,
This is more of an OTG prop, rather than a collection production prop; I mentioned that several times in the video and previous responses.
We do have a backup plan that we are working on to do Metaverse Fashion Week and I will update the prop shortly. It’s sad that we will be missing NYFW and all the great hype we could get after so much negotiation; also makes it harder to use our connection to work with them in the future because we couldn’t get the required support on time to put the prop on chain. But we are resourceful and will not give up so we are modifying to accommodate for the time.

Nouners in Noundies is showing the vision of this collection and many more collections and virtual environments that we can build for you all. As I explained to Lilskrtskrt comment, we do not want to rush into mass producing a collection without personalization based on the input of each subcommunity. We have an extensive community focused R& D process planned that we will share soon. I said in the pitch video, we don’t believe any one design or style satisfy everyone, so we will co-create them with the community. But, again, this is not the focus of this prop.

Jens is planning to create a documentary film about the collection, that’s not funded via this prop and it’s completely volunteer basis. Separate from that, we are creating the virtual runway. It will be ready for the fashion weeks and any other future IRL event we want to display at. We will make this distinction more clear in the prop so it’s not confusing.

We are doing 6 looks, if you look at the “ASK DETAILS”, I mentioned the designer package cost was $6k plus $500 for models( $1k per look). I’ll make that more clear in the prop. Yes, we are working hard preparing, but we need you all’s support to pass it on time.

We have been having challenges with our website provider Wix. We are working on switching to another website hosting provider.

Yes, all production garments are gonna be phygital NFTs. We will provide the details for the Metaverse Fashion Week soon.

The give back initiatives are for the production phase not this time. We will remove that to avoid any confusion. This prop was intentionally kept at minimum ask as a starting point. We can definitely do more, but wanted to start small and capitalize on the fashion weeks opportunities at the moment.

Thank you for your time and attention, Oni.
I think we met in LA, but we didn’t get to chat much. I look forward to getting to know you more virtually and in person. Specially as you have worked with another streetwear project for Nouns.

Finally got it fixed. The Fashion DAO site should be up now with a valid SSL certificate.