Writing a book on Ethereum, am I talking about Nouns DAO correctly?


I’m Paul Brody and I’m writing a book on Ethereum that will be published in July of this coming year. For my day job, I’m the Global Blockchain Leader at EY (Ernst & Young), but the book is a personal project that isn’t officially an EY publication. The book is called “Ethereum for Business” and contains a brief case study about Nouns DAO in one of the chapters. I’m attaching the text of the case study below and I would just ask that you take a quick look and verify that I have not made any inaccurate statements. If you could reply no later than 20 April 2023, that would be appreciated. I’ll assume if I don’t receive any reply that there’s no objections or errors here. The case study written below is done entirely using publicly available information.

Case Example: Nouns DAO: Compared to many other very complex DAO organizations, Nouns DAO is simpler and clearer to understand: it’s at heart, an art project. Each Noun is 32x32 pixel image that is generated based on a set of rules based on people, places, or things. Each one is an NFT and a new one is made and auctioned off every day. The proceeds go into the Nouns treasury and each noun-owning member can vote on proposals.

Nouns DAO has taken advantage of the mania for art NFT collectibles. Typical nouns sell for between 20 and 100 Eth, basically starting at $35,000 and going up. That’s a lot of money for a 32x32 pixel picture.

The Nouns treasury, as of January 2023 had accumulated nearly 28,000 Eth worth close to $50 million. Proposals on how to spend the money are put up for a vote. The community has funded all kinds of projects from a custom whisky venture to an AI team to design automated content generation tools that work with the Noun images.

I’ll monitor the replies to this posting to check on things.

Hi! I am not sure i would say that Nouns DAO has “taken advantage of the mainia for art NFT collectables”. Though, that may have happened by circumstance.

I would strongly recommend that you hop on to the Noun O’Clock twitter space a few times to learn a bit more. It is a daily show with open mic so you can ask away!