Nouns Clothing (need to have at least 15 characters :)

Hi, my name is D-EUS-D, I am a NFT Artist & Collector and a big fan of Nouns Dao.
I created recently some Nouns on the playground here. I embroidered one into a Sweater, and it looks pretty cool. Not only that, but I would like to put the clothing that I create up for auction and split half of the profit by sending it to the Nouns Dao Treasury. To authenticate the clothing, I will embroider the transaction code of the bought NFT into the Clothing. I would love to sell it on Rarible or Foundation. I am open for any sort of collaboration or suggestions and would love to assist in any further projects to help the Dao grow.

This is just a prototype and I will try to improve it down the road

This is the Noun I used :slight_smile: … but as new user, I can only put one picture into the proposal :frowning:

Great work! Please consider the sustainable implications of creating new clothing.

Stanley/Stella and Continental Clothing are some sustainable options, you can find more about this here: 6 Best Blank T-shirt Brands and Suppliers | Everpress

More on fabrics in general: Sustainable Fabrics A-Z: Which Clothing Materials Are Ethical? -

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looks really cool. would love to see any more cool unique and nounish designs you can come up with

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I love this! any updates?