Proposal: Nouns Brand


Imagine seeing Nouns everywhere, every day. Forever.

Following the Creature World x Advisry clothing collection and leveraging our team’s experience in web3 & fashion, we present to the Nouns DAO…

Nouns Brand ◨ ◨

What is Nouns Brand ?

Nouns Brand is a concept focused on timeless and reliable apparel that knows how to have fun, built on Nouns. People often forget that the way clothes make you feel, the textures, and the materials chosen go just as far as the design printed on top. Nouns Brand is a stripped down take on the Nouns Glasses, while maintaining its recognizable iconography, with the goal of proliferating the Nouns brand at large.

As the digital and physical worlds continue to merge, we believe Nouns Brand has the potential to create a flywheel effect which grows the Nouns brand URL and IRL. We envision a future in which Nouns Brand is the go-to brand for back-to-school, summer vacation, after-work, first dates, last call, for people in all walks of life.


Fund Nouns Brand to:

  • design, manufacture, and produce artisanal garments
  • open a channel of collaboration between classic brands and Nouns
  • enable people to embark on their own creative journeys through design workshops and white glove services such as wholesale clothing production

Phase One: Development

Pre-Production (1-2 months)

  • Design Phase - work with designers to produce unique designs, prints, and patterns
  • Creation of tech-packs
  • Pattern Making / Size Grading - work with top pattern makers within NYC to create intricate, functional garments.
  • Muslin Fittings - use patterns to develop a muslin of the garments that could be used for fit tests on models of different sizes to ensure each measurement is perfect before production with our actual fabrics begin.
  • Fabric Sourcing - work within the Garment District to find the highest quality wholesale and Deadstock fabrics to use for each individual muslin fitted garment. Develop custom fabrics owned and used by Nouns Brand.
  • All of which done with artisan tailors and seamstresses trusted by the industry’s most notable fashion houses.
  • Wear Tests / Styling - test out the products made in the real world, and pair with different styles with each other to figure out the best ways to style the garments together.
  • A vote will be held to determine which 20 of the 35 designs will make it to the manufacturing phase. The excess funds for production will be returned to the treasury based on costs after the 20 products are finalized to be produced in bulk.

Production (2-4 months)

  • Work with top factories in Italy, Japan, Portugal, China, and India
  • Label & packaging design

Fulfillment Center

  • International fulfillment center for shipment and inventory management
    • Free shipping worldwide for EVERY order
  • Staffing for warehouse and customer service

Web Design + Brand Identity

  • Custom online storefront
    • We will engage teams who have worked with Drake, A$AP Rocky, and Creature World in order to produce a unique user experience when shopping with Nouns
  • Label & Packaging design

Phase One costs:

3Ξ incorporation costs

48Ξ for sourcing and materials

17Ξ design fee

229Ξ production/manufacturing

28Ξ label & packaging for 10 styles

22Ξ brand identity

22Ξ web design and integration

38Ξ operation costs

20Ξ shipping/inventory/fulfillment

shipping capital supplement



Phase Two: Outreach


  • Wheat-posters 3Ξ
    • Printing and posting wheat-posters around NYC, Miami, LA, Hong Kong, London
    • Hiring team, transportation and supplies

  • Billboards in key locations internationally

Marketing + PR

  • Hiring of PR agency to facilitate and catapult expansion of Nouns brand, basics, lifestyle products, etc.

    • Strategy
    • Product Seeding
    • Publicity
    • Stockists (being carried in retail stores such as Uniqlo, Kith, Dover Street Market, etc.)

    Marketing materials

    • Editorials
    • Lookbook
    • Product Photos


Nouns Brand can be a channel for collaboration as companies seek partners in bridging the gaps of the sacred and profane: web2 and web3.

  • Work with aligning companies we have relationships with to create limited collaborations with Nouns through Nouns Brand, our wish list includes:
    • Gucci - fashion
    • Carrots - streetwear
    • Adidas - fashion/footwear
    • Dr Martens - footwear
    • Crocs - footwear
    • Swatch, Casio - watches
    • Tiffany & Co - jewelry
    • Rimowa - luggage
    • Ikea - furniture

Phase Two costs

36Ξ billboards and advertising

3Ξ wheat-paste campaign

17Ξ editorials, lookbook, product photos, retouching, cast and crew

10Ξ ****hiring of PR company for 6 months



Phase Three: Expansion

This section contains our vision for what the future of Nouns Brand could be.

Fashion is gatekept, we believe art is for everyone. To encourage others to start their own creative journeys, our dream is to create a direct-to-consumer white label service for artists to make their own clothes through Nouns Brand. We will use Nouns Blanks to allow people to print designs and empower people to create, built on Nouns.

Direct-To-Consumer White Label Service

  • We will wholesale our Nouns Brand blanks and develop a white label service for emerging artists to create their own clothes
  • Nouns White Label Facility
  • Custom color ways of Nouns blanks: Nouns Dye House
  • Team of print and embroidery specialists to customize Nouns blanks, such as t-shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.
    • Blanks are made to supply the clothing industry. Blank clothing has no added decoration. Many clothing “labels” begin with a good blank, add their own logos, designs or trimmings, re-label and on-sell to retailers, or sell direct at markets, online, etc.
  • DTG Print & Embroidery Machines
  • White Label Fulfillment Team
  • Wholesale Blank Accounts


Experiential Nouns Brand space to shop and serve as a storefront for collaboration activations. The Nouns retail space will also be home to the hidden social club, The Nounge.

  • Brick-and-mortar shop
  • Activation site for brand collaborations and events
  • Accepts Fiat and Crypto as payment method
  • Photography Studio for emerging Nouns projects

The Nounge

A membership-based Social Club for Nouns DAO members and communities of Nounish projects. We envision a speakeasy The Nounge inside the Nouns Brand brick-and-mortar store in the Soho neighborhood of New York City or other destination cities. The Nounge will serve as the premiere carrier for Nouns Coffee in NY.

  • Inside existing retail space
  • Staffing
  • Interior Sourcing - Work with designers to create Nouns Brand furniture collection, debuting at The Nounge
    • Food and Beverage
    • Liquor license
    • Bar staff & Chef
    • Nouns Coffee

We Know Fashion

Keith Herron is the owner and creative director of Advisry.

He released over six collections of 15-30 pieces online by the time of graduating high school. After moving to New York to become a student, Herron interned with Gucci, where he found the inspiration to enter the luxury design world and produce his first runway show. He remained at Gucci until 2021, honing his knowledge on how large luxury brands operate. Advisry has shown at New York Fashion Week three times, is sold in over thirty countries, has shown films in multiple American film festivals, and has been worn by people like Tyler, the Creator, Virgil Abloh, Jayson Tatum, Lena Waithe and Steve Lacy. Keith was the lead designer for the Creature World x Advisry clothing collection, one of the most recognizable drops in web3, becoming one of the top stores on Shopify in 2022 by volume.

We Know Branding

Brenda Liang is the founder and creative director of Siren Basics underwear collection.

Brenda Liang is the founder, designer, and creative director of Siren Basics, an underwear line dubbed “the new it-girl lingerie line,” featured in V Magazine, HYPEBAE and Cultured Magazine. Brenda studied Entrepreneurship and Design Theory NYU and is expanding Siren Basics into an international lifestyle brand, soon to be carried at retailers.

We Know Web3

Jacob Tran is the co-founder of Creature World.

Before NFT’s, Jacob was a commercial director and photographer, telling stories for brands like Adidas, Burger King, SoundCloud, and having work featured in Vogue. After learning about ‘cryptoart’ in September of 2020, Jacob gradually went from collector to founder. Jacob was recently asked to speak on a panel at the NYSBA to introduce the world of NFTs and web3 to the next generation of New York lawyers.


Why should we care about Nouns Brand?

Nouns Brand is not just a capsule collection- it’s branding built on taste, with the goal of seeding the world with Nouns you can wear, feel, and see. Nouns is a brand that can stand on its own, among the golden arches and box logos. Nouns is about empowerment, giving people the keys to their future, following creativity, being inspired, and it starts with us.


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Prepared by Jacob Tran, Brenda Liang, and Keith Herron

Relevant Links

⌐◨-◨ Keith Herron - Advisry

Socials: Twitter - Instagram

  • Founder and Creative Director of Advisry
  • Head of Fashion @ Creature World
  • Multi-hyphenate artist

⌐◨-◨ Brenda Liang - Siren Basics

Socials: Instagram

  • Founder and Creative Director of Siren Basics
  • Ops and Design

⌐◨-◨ Jacob Tran - Creature World

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