Nouns 3D printed fashion collection

nouns 3D printed fashion collection :printer:

In a sentence:

Design, 3D print, and showcase worldwide a Nouns-inspired 3D-printed fashion collection.

In a few more words:

I am inspired by Nouns to create my next 3D-printed fashion collection. The collection would use Nouns and their aesthetics as its leading design element. The 5-piece collection will contain 3D-printed textiles that would elegantly incorporate Nouns in their fabric. As opposed to past collections in which I only used FDM (home printers) to make the entire collection, I am interested in incorporating more printing technologies to this collection. I am interested in testing the boundaries of the latest printing tech, whether it be FDM, SLS, Polyjet etc. As with all my past work, the goal is to get the collection to be showcased in different tech conferences, fashion events, galleries, and museums.

I am a 3D printing fashion pioneer and my fashion collections have been showcased in all the top traditional media outlets worldwide (NYT, WSJ, Bloomberg, BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, Vogue, ELLE, etc) countless events (including the Rio opening ceremony at Paralympics and Mercedez-Benz fashion week), museums, documentaries, newspapers, books. And my TED talk and other videos have received millions of views.

From inspiration through 3D modeling to printing to AR

Liberty Leading the People Collection

Why am I excited about this?

This year began for me with unbounded excitement about the potential impact of NFTs on fashion, both physical and digital. I experimented with minting some of my pieces, bought different kinds of NFTs, and bonded with awesome artists (mainly female ones!). Ever since I heard about Nouns, I have been thinking about how I can bring my skills and know-how to contribute to Nouns’ culture.

I came up with a few concepts like nouns’ merch etc’ but then I realized:

Nouns can help me push my creative and technical boundaries to bring the most innovative fashion collection to life, and I can help proliferate Nouns to new audiences!

With Nouns’ funding, I can spend the next few months working on what I love the most (making 3D-printed fashion, pushing the boundaries of the possible with the current technology). And with the result - a uniquely wearable Nounish 3D-printed fashion collection - Nouns and NounsDAO story can proliferate and get known with new audiences (like, more women, 3d printing enthusiasts, digital fashionistas, fashion students, and more!)

How will the collection proliferate Nouns?

I wanted to touch on this because it’s the key question: how will people hear about this? how will this get attention?

My two last big collections, the 2015 “Liberty Leading the People” and the 2017 "Birth of Venus", both received incredible amounts of press coverage. Why? because they both had strong underlying stories. The Liberty collection was a “first” - it was the first 3D printed fashion collection printed entirely at home, and the Birth collection was based on the 3D printed dress I made for the Paralympics, and also it contained the first commercially available 3D printed jacket.

The Nouns + Innovative tech + Fashion angle will surely fascinate many. A good story will be crafted, and I am sure that this collection will get a lot of attention because it is touching on all the most fascinating topics of our times: cryptoculture, 3D printing, digital fashion, AR etc’

So, what are the phases required to produce a 3D-printed fashion collection?

  1. Research - Inspiration board, material research, printing samples
  2. Design - sketches (and more sketches)
  3. Modeling - 3D modeling the sketches into 3D-printable files (working with zeeraffe)
  4. Print testing - testing many different types of printers, configurations, materials etc
  5. Printing finals - printing the entire collection
  6. Assembling - using different techniques (e.g. gluing, knotting, etc) to assemble the collection together
  7. Photoshoot (with real-life models) - for press materials, websites, AR filter etc
  8. Runway show - either invited to showcase at an event like, fashion weeks etc’
  9. Marketing - prepare press kit, the collection get PR, is booked for events, and showcases galleries & museums

Budget & next steps

To kickoff phases 1+2, I am asking 3 ETH so I can commit to start the creative process, defining the technology I need to use as well as develop a detailed budget.

I need time to scope this project correctly. I want to spend time researching the budget I would need to make this properly. I would also like to show the community my research and designs for the fashion looks before the NounsDAO commits more funds.

A 3D printed noun sample of textile idea and a sketch of one of the outfits

In the last 3 years, I was focused on R&D for materials and now I believe I can achieve even more wearable fabrics.

This is why I propose spending the next 2 months working on Phases 1+2, creating a full sketchbook of what I envision the collection will look like (see here an example of a sketch). I will also work on developing a robust budget for phases 4-9 that can then be presented to the community for feedback.

But just to give a sense of the sizing of this project to reduce uncertainty — and it really all depends on the type of technologies we will use for printing (e.g. polyjet is MUCH more expensive than FDM) — I estimate a full fashion collection can be done for $80K-150K.

A creative collaboration that grows from the community:

Danit Peleg I’m a 3D printed fashion designer. I filed 2 patents about soft 3D printable materials. I believe that 3D printing opens up fascinating new opportunities in fashion, combined with the power of NFTs my vision of downloading and printing clothes is closer than ever.

In 2018, I was recognized as one of Europe’s Top Women in Tech by Forbes. In 2019, the BBC named me as one of the 100 most inspiring and influential women in the world. In 2021 I opened the first 3D printable fashion NFTs store. I was fascinated to learn about the nouns movement and want to contribute so I can learn more about how the DAO is operating from first hand. I’m passionate about making this innovative collection inspired by the cool nouns!

You can read more about me here: 1


My name is Zeeraffe, and I’m a 3D Modeller and Developer. I’ve worked as a creative director in a couple of South East Asian-focused creative agencies.

Some of my work:

Cryptovoxels (work in progress),643S&time=night

Turn A Nouns Collection
A collectible 3D models on opensea:

All 99 Nouns in a form of Turnaround Voxel just minted in “Turn A Nouns Collection” to support us creating Public Nouns Wearables collection for builders who want to build wearables with Nouns in Cryptovoxels.

Looking forward to getting your thoughts and feedback on this novel concept :fire::pray:


Thank you Danit for putting this proposal together.

I support the proposal because it pushes Nouns brand into uncharted territory (fashion). Given your background and experience, I think the community would be lucky to have you pursuing your interest in a way that is aligned with Nouns. Would love to see this go on-chain asap.


I love this proposal! It would be great to see Nouns not just on merchandise, but to see high end fashion inspired by Nouns and incorporating Nouns into the design itself.


This is outstanding use of the DAO and a fantastic opportunity to create awareness WOW


@D_A_N_I_T thanks for this Proposal, it looks like so much fun and radical. It’s also a perfect fit for your experience and something that no one else in the community could envision and execute on. Also very smart to appeal to the @KingofAllNouns by featuring him. I would Vote Yes on Phase 1 and 2 today.

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Thank you so much @Noun12 I appreciate your feedback, @KingofAllNouns inspired me but I envision incorporating as many nouns as possible :heartpulse: :printer:


Updates & new proposal here: Nouns 3D-printed fashion collection: Updates + follow-on proposal

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