Nouns 3D-printed fashion collection final milestones + NFT Paris! 🇫🇷


Final milestones for my proposal to design, 3D print, and showcase worldwide a Nouns-inspired 3D-printed fashion collection.

The next big step is to print the 5 fashion looks, and present 3-5 of them at a fashion-oriented NFT conference in Paris in a magnificent historic location, the Grand Palais.

The lead up to the conference will include producing a video to tell the story of making the collection.

Past proposals

Progress since my last proposal:

  • Participated in the first metaverse fashion week with the Nouns collection
  • 90% finished Patternmaking, Modeling, and Rendering all the looks
  • Printed the first garment in Polyjet: the “king” dress and assembled it
  • Started making a special Nouns filament for printing with FDM tech

Progress on Roadmap:

  1. :ballot_box_with_check: Research - Inspiration board, material research, printing samples
  2. :ballot_box_with_check: Design - sketches
  3. :ballot_box_with_check: Patternmaking/Rendering/Modeling - 3D modeling the sketches into 3D-printable files
  4. :ballot_box_with_check: Print Testing - testing many different types of printers, configurations, materials etc
  5. :ballot_box_with_check: Participate in Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFW)
  6. STARTED: Printing finals - printing the entire collection
  7. STARTED: Assembling - using different techniques (e.g. gluing, knotting, etc) to assemble the collection together
  8. Photoshoot (with real-life models) - for press materials, websites, AR filter etc
  9. NEW: Showcase collection at NFT Paris - Invited & will have a booth and interactive AR display
  10. Marketing - prepare press kit. The collection gets PR, is booked for events, and showcases galleries & museums
  11. NEW: Showcase the collection and its making off in a docu-style video


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Please visit my channel on the nounish ⌐◨-◨ discord to follow more updates from the process!

Moon creative labs x Nouns filament

These days I’m working on my nounish filaments collection with custom made colors, I’m a designer in residence at moon creative lab, an innovation hub based in Palo Alto.

Moon will fund the production of my materials for my nounish fashion collection for $32k, These are the filaments that I’m going to use for most of my designs and these are the colors that I’m going to produce


These are literally the first wearable filaments spools in the world, they contains 30% cotton fibers and are very soft.

NFT Paris

I want to celebrate launching my collection at NFT Paris, an event taking place at the highest palace for fashion in Paris (the Grand Palais éphémère) and taking place the day before the grand opening of Paris’ fashion week.

NFT Paris will be happening in Paris’ most iconic venue for culture, art and fashion, the Grand Palais. The building is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and is home of the most creative and artistic events in Europe, such as Art Basel Paris and all of Chanel fashion shows.

In terms of proliferating Nouns to high fashion, this is the perfect place to launch my collection. The event will bring together the biggest names of the industry and top-executives from major brands.

In the fashion / luxury corner, brands such as Prada, LVMH, Farfetch, Lacoste, The Fabricant will be present and will showcase their work around NFTs. Having my work displayed in an impactful way alongside these major players will be very valuable.

Together with Orbis, a world-class creator of immersive and experiential spaces, I want to showcase the 3d printed collection and the unique universe of Nouns.

A large array of Fashion media outlets will be present and we hope will cover my story (Vogue, Artnet, Coindesk, Forbes, Elle, Journal du Luxe, Business of Fashion, Grazia….).

The installation

The vision of this installation is to bring to life digital fashion pieces from the collection created by Danit Peleg, through different media: screens, AR, holograms, physical pieces. The installation will be segmented into different activations empowering these display solutions.

Check out this document to see the plan of the installation made by Orbis on:

  1. AR experience mannequin: this centred piece will be used as a support for attendees to enjoy digital fashion pieces with Augmented Reality
  2. LED 56cm fans: these fans will create holographic fashion pieces from the collection
  3. POP3 holographic displays: this digital display solution will recreate an entire digital fashion show by designing a digital catwalk on which both avatars and nouns will be brought to life
  4. Mannequin with physical fashion pieces: this mannequin will be used as support to showcase printed pieces designed by Danit Peleg
  5. Video projector: the screen will display videos from nounish ⌐◨-◨ (and hopefully a specific video made about my project) to share Nouns stories further and show the different steps of creation/production off the Danit Peleg x Nouns collaboration

How will Nouns benefit from it?

  • Physical 3D printed garments showcasing Nouns
  • Nouns walking alongside the virtual catwalk
  • AR activation
  • Nounish film being displayed on a large screen
  • 15-minute workshop session to present the collaboration with Nouns
  • 30 tickets to NFT Paris for the community

Unique story and PR opportunity since it’s in an iconic venue, the week before Paris Fashion Week, the event has already had strong traction among fashion/luxury media outlets, the biggest personalities, and collectors from the ecosystem will be present.

The last afternoon of NFT Paris will be dedicated to a broader audience with cheap entrance tickets to allow anyone wishing to learn more about NFTs to attend the event.


  • Finalizing & printing all models and photoshoot: 67,153€
  • NFT Paris & Booth Installation: 50,700€
  • Total ask: 117,853€, ~110 ETH

NFT Paris Budget:

Details for the next steps


  1. December: launch of production, visit of the showroom and activation being brought to life to create content for a documentary.
  2. Early January: Construction and assembly of the future booth
  3. Mid January: Grand reveal of the involvement of the latest collection during NFT Paris with teasing of the actual activation
  4. February 24-25: NFT Paris!!

I can’t finish my super nounish collection & bringing it to awesome stages around the world!
THANK YOU for your time and support!!!

Danit ⌐◨-◨


The level of imagination, creativity and innovation here is through the roof! The connection system for the noun links is amazing and I can not wait to see more of this


One of the projects I am most looking forward to.


@D_A_N_I_T I love this, your work has been great, and step by step, and it looks good to go. do you need to get this on chain? Happy to help.



The idea and implementation are simply amazing. This is some kind of creative super-plus level. I am impressed!

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Hi 12!!! So nice to hear from you and thank you so much for the kind words. Yes, I need help with posting it on chain thanks for offering

I would LOVE to work with you. I’ll reach out to you on discord. <3 :beers:

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Looking forward to seeing the continuation here. No brainer in my opinion.

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Hi 12, here’s the latest draft… would love any feedback and of course help getting it on chain :pray:


Looks good to me. Reach out on Discord and Ill put it up tomorrow.


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