Proposal: 3D wearables NFTs and Avatars Branded Nouns

Hello guys,

My name is Adrien, I am the Co-Founder of We provide white label solutions to brands and agencies, to create and sell dematerialized products, create immersive experiences with 3D NFTs and activate special perks IRL or in the Metaverse for NFT owners.

In order to do so we have done some NFT Avatars drop, The owners can dress them with 3D NFT wearables. Everything you mint on our platform will be metaverse ready.

I posted on your discord a draft example of what it looks like in #proposal-ideas

The Proposal:

  • We create a collection of Nouns 3d NFT Wearables to dress avatars
    => All will be unique (tops, bottoms, shoes,…) and organised in styles
  • We create a collection of nude avatars styled with Nouns iconic props => All unique

The owners of those Wearables and avatars will be able to connect on our platform to:

  • Access to the dressing room to dress their avatar with drops from other brands and movement animations
  • Have a 3D & Augmented experience
  • Redeem their other metaverse versions of the wearable/avatar (available during 2022)
  • Use AR Filters


  • We can do polls and competitions to create the designs of the wearables/avatars - That will involve and reward your community
  • The money gathered by the project could be given to an NGO or associations
  • We can link the number of those avatars or wearables to a specific milestone reach by the Nouns or a celebration
  • Because it is always a plus to had IRL value. We could reward the one that own a full style with an IRL experience or perks (TBD - we could match with other Nouns projects IRL)


  • 10ETH for 3D creation/modelisation/rendering and IT set-up (Platform with Nouns URL and branding, automated random generator, User Profils, AR…) and blockchain related costs (smart contract,…)
  • Share of the revenues on the drops and royalties TBD (ex: 80%Nouns DAO, => The purpose is to do something fun that create awareness around your project and rewards the people.

Her is some examples we have done quickly:


It is just a suggestion, I would be very happy to have your feedbacks and suggestions on the project.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this “proposal”.



That’s really cool !

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