3DP fashion x Times Square Billboard x NFT nyc

gm, friends!
Thank you to everyone who voted for my proposal for NFT NYC.
It’s going to be amazing! I’d like to get some feedback on a new proposal that I’m considering.

I’m considering showcasing the new and fashionable video of my nounish 3D printed fashion collection in Times Square during NFT NYC week.

I would hire a professional videographer to capture the moment. I believe showcasing the collection in Times Square could attract even more attention to Nouns, especially on social media.

However, the last thing I want is to submit a proposal that won’t pass. So, I would love to get your feedback on this idea.

The proposal would involve showing a 15-second clip on 5 billboards at the same time, 585 times during the week, and it would cost $30k, plus the cost of a photographer.

I would love to hear your opinion on this idea. Thank you!

this has some great opportunities especially if you can arrange for models to wear the garments while the videos air. I hope this passes as it a big value add and when ouy do this please make sure to add a QE code to the footage so people can find out about the project.

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