Pop-Up/Billboard Opportunity For NFT NYC Across The Street From The Javits Center

My name is Josh and I run an advertising agency here in NYC. I have worked with the Nouns last year during NFT NYC, where we created the legendary mural in SoHo. I am coming to the Nouns now with a very exclusive opportunity to have a pop-up event + 3 sided billboard directly across the street from the Javits Center, where NFT NYC will be.

Scroll down for more info!

This would give Nouns a huge presence and I can assure you that no other community, project, or brand would have an opportunity to have an activation of this scale right next to NFT NYC. We can also have some 3D extensions on the board + we can create any pop-up experience within the space. My team can handle the activation from start to breakdown.

Sure there will be pop-ups throughout the city, but to have one next to the main event of the week is the most convenient and gives you access to every attendee, so a ton of exposure. This will be a great way to expose everyone to just how big the DAO is.

Would love to get the ball rolling on this if the community is interested! To put on the best activation possible, starting ASAP is ideal.

Pricing: If there is interest, I can put together info on the following.

  • Pricing on the 3 billboards as a set.

  • More information on the activation. When it comes to a pop up, pricing is fluid because I do not know yet what the community wants to do in the space. Once I know more or can present my idea for the pop-up, I can outline more pricing.

If you are a member of the DAO and would like to spearhead this together, please let me know!

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You work in this agency, there’s usually a fixed price for billboards and the time they are up on display, why are you waiting for community’s feedback?
Your idea is epic and will bring hundreds of eyes to nouns during NFT NYC, dont wait up for the pricing on community

And such advertising is what I respect. . :sunglasses: