SaveArtSpace x Nouns Billboard Exhibition in NYC

SaveArtSpace x Nouns Billboard Exhibition
A Mix of Static Billboards & Digital Bus Shelters for $40k USD in NYC:

8 - Billboards sized 22x11 - will be live for at least 4 weeks, up till someone else buys the space.
6 - Digital Bus Shelters - will be live for 4 weeks total.

Locations can be selected from a map/list of options. We can also have a discussion of whether we just want nouns glasses or also want to showcase some specific nouns (perhaps via some sort of auction that goes back to the nouns treasury).
Prices are subject to change depending on city and install date and changes in ETH. So we may get slightly fewer or more depending on where the price settles when the ETH investment is approved and converted to USD to pay the vendors.

awesome. SaveArtSpace did a very effective campaign for Punks, and for the cost i think it’s a no brainer. we spent more than this on a single mural in SoHo during NFT NYC

Will you be facilitating the polls/discussions to determine locations, and to determine what Nouns Glasses vs Nouns, running an auction, ect.

I like the idea of this proposal but there are still quite a few things that need to be decided on with the prop already being on-chain, it can be hard to get engagement/participation on making decisions for these sort of things so I just want to be make sure that if it passes and no one really chimes in on any of these open questions there is still a clear plan/path forward.

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Hey! Great to have this opportunity to work with Nouns! We’ve had great success utilizing hundreds of billboards for public art and can’t wait to show Nouns on ad spaces across NYC! Happy to answer any questions you may have!