Nouns Mural In Manhattan During NFT NYC

Hey everyone,

Josh here! With NFT NYC coming up, I was thinking about what sort of outdoor placement would be fitting of the Nouns brand while giving you a solid & more permanent presence in Manhattan. I am proposing that the Nouns glasses get put up as a mural in Manhattan from mid June to mid July.

Where: In the best area of Manhattan for murals…Soho. I am presenting three wall options below.

Why Soho? Firstly, many people in town/attending NFT NYC will find their way to Soho at some point as the area is the most trendy area Manhattan in my opinion. Finally, the vibe in Soho overall is perfectly suited for Murals, which are often made in a very shareable way, so it is more street art than ad.

When: Mid June to Mid July. The mural would go live prior to NFT NYC on June 13th and end in mid July.

How It Works?: These wallscapes are rented out by the respective landlord to the mural vendor that my agency uses. These murals are all hand painted by honestly the best muralists in the US using top quality paints. Pricing includes wall space rental + install (painting/equipment).

The mural art will look identical to the media provided, which in our case will be the red nouns glasses on a yellow background + any other content you would like to be placed there. Simpler the better in my opinion!

Wall Options:

Cost includes space cost + painting/installation.

1136 Wall: $44,000 Total Cost
1169 Wall: $47,000 Total Cost
1164 Wall: $44,000 Total Cost

Payment can be made via Ethereum, USDC, or USD (Wire or Check).

Prior Work Examples By The Muralists:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this proposal, and I hope to work with the Nouns on this mural art project in NYC!

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hey josh, love your proposal and would love to dig in with you on this to make it happen

what are the operational logistics around this and who will be involved to make the mural? what are the key milestones to make this happen?


Love murals, but def what explanation for the price point. Seems a bit high? Mostly if it’s just noggles on a single color background.

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So the process would start out by locking in the wall space via full payment, which also gets you a slot for the install (painting). The mural is installed by the mural vendor I work with directly, who is also responsible for the wall space. This is all going through them. You do nothing but tell us what the mural will look like! This works a lot like Billboards in fact, where the vendor I use owns/leases the board. This is treated in the very same way, so this is not just a wall that gets graffiti’d on for example.

When it comes to milestones, first and foremost you have to reserve the wall with payment. In terms of the creative, this will be pre-approved by the landlord so there will be no bumps down the road. Then all that is left is for the wall to be painted by the muralist. This install price is included.

The go live date I have set for this campaign is June 13th, so the mural will be live on that date!

Aw that makes a lot of sense. It be great if we could also get some media to film and take photography with the murals.

Good question! The creative actually doesn’t dictate the price here, you are paying for premium wall space in one of the most competitive markets in the world. In general mural space on this level is pricey. But you are paying for in my opinion a great price for a 4 week exclusive placement in NYC, plus a mural is a lot cooler than a billboard, which would be a ton more for this time period.

The wall space is super high end, used by some of the biggest brands in the world for murals. Also it’s important to know that this is a 4 week spot so it is a great price compared to what you would be paying for any other exclusive placement over that time period considering you are the only thing up on the wall.

Let me know if I could clear anything else up!

I can go ahead and be there since I am local and have a great camera. So I will supply those photos/videos!

this looks solid, thanks for clarifying. so in terms of next steps:

  • soft lock in mural location, prices, & timeline
  • confirm creative
  • mural installation process

i can setup a soft poll tmrw to get thoughts from everyone

Yes, right on all of that. Once we know which of the given wall options we will go ahead with, I would place a soft hold on it to allow for payment. Then once the wall is secured, we are all set to go live given the pre-approval, which I have already reached out about!

Thanks for taking lead and excited for what’s to come of this!

Also wanted to mention, I could have my photographer/videographer captures pro shots of the process and final mural. He’s very talented and could put this all together for content going forward.

This would all be coordinated with the mural team. This would just add a shoot fee to the mural cost. I will get this quote asap.

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Seems like we have a clear location winner: Lafayette Street & Spring Street, Soho NY - see vote here in Discord


So unfortunately we weren’t able to be fit into the paint schedule for that mural, and they only work with their own muralists, so I couldn’t get a diff team up there on a lift. However, I have a great alternative that is confirmed for us. See image below.

This is at the corner of Houston and Thompson – prime Soho (same neighborhood as the previous mural option) - right up the street from Carbone. He has confirmed that the creative we want is approved and we are all set to get painted and go live around June 15th for a 4 week period. See email below with confirmation.

On top of this, the price has also decreased to a total of $41,000. Rumi and I will work together to finalize all details/logistics.

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excited for this. will be great to record footage of this to start building a repository of activations we do all over the world - they will be able to combine for something special


definitely need to get a time lapse video of the process


we’ll be getting some great footage for this, excited to collab with 142 & the media studio to get some great shots & compilations

given the time sensitive nature of this proposal small grants has decided to fund it in lieu of a full proposal to the dao. very excited guys!

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Excited to make this a reality!

some pics of the location for the mural, slated to go live by June 15 on Thompson & Houston in Soho