Nounish Deli Pop-Up For NFT NYC 2023

Hi everyone,

My name is Josh and I run an advertising agency here in NYC. I have worked with the Nouns last year during NFT NYC, where we put created this legendary (imo) mural in SoHo. I am coming to the Nouns now with a new idea to top this mural off for the upcoming NFT NYC in April. My team and I would like to Nounify a NYC Deli for the week, creating a Nounish pop-up experience where people can enjoy the Nouns world while getting a Noun branded sandwich, drink, or snack. More info below!

My team and I have a good amount of pop-up experience specifically in the NFT Space. For NFT NYC 2022 we put together a huge pop-up for the 3Landers and during SXSW 2022 we took over a historic pizzeria in Austin for the Cool Cats. All this is shown below with a few examples.

My idea would be to find a deli located conveniently nearby NFT NYC or another popular destination during the week of NFT NYC. We will source locations, narrow down venues, and finally select a location with the communities input of course.

I would also love to get others to collaborate with my team and provide ideas for the pop-up!

Brief Summary Of The Pop-up

  • Exterior:

    • We would wrap/decorate the exterior with designs either sourced from the community or my team can handle the creative without a problem.
    • We can fabricate 3D elements from the Nouns universe and place them outside for flare.
  • Interior:

    • We would wrap the walls, counters, shelves, flooring, ceiling, and anything else we’d like.
    • We can include fabricated 3D elements, custom neon signs, and so on throughout.
  • Food:

    • We can create a custom menu to be served throughout the duration of the pop-up. Plus we can bring in any food items from the Nouns universe such as Nouns Coffee and sell/giveaway this.

How will this be organized? My team and I will spearhead the project when it comes to planning and execution. We are all located in NYC so we can be on-site in person to see through the whole process from start to finish, as we do with all other pop-up events we run.

Timeline? Actual set up would take 1-3 days on-site. However planning, design, and fabrication would ideally begin 1-2 months prior to going live. So ideally I would love to start this project within the next 30 days or so to allow for a smooth planning and launch process.

What will this cost? Pop-up events are very much fluid because you cannot estimate cost until you go inside a venue in person to measure, get a feel for the space, and so on. If the community likes this idea, then I can begin this process of putting a proposal together. In my opinion, there will have to be a budget put together from the DAO, and anything under shall be returned and vice versa. Additionally we can launch an outdoor advertising campaign drawing people to the Deli pop-up + the overall Nouns DAO.

Now I would love to hear your thoughts on this Nounish Deli Pop-up for NFT NYC 2023!

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Great job on the mural last year it was a huge success, and I love your other activations.
A physical location serving food, treats and info about NOUNS is amazing, I would love to see a NOUNish food truck as an option as it will give us the ability to be in multiple places downtown, skate park, Brooklyn etc and have the ability to hit all the NOUNish and NOTG events and not have to ask people break their busy schedules. We can have a couple of the walk arounds from Stoopid Buddies and @Aubtoshi OTG.

Good idea, we can have a food truck fully wrapped. That would be a quicker turn around & a more flexible activation HOWEVER I think as more and more IRL events happen in the space, projects and brands try to constantly out do themselves.

SO, I’d be worried that just a food truck could slip through the cracks. But if we combine the truck with a deli take over, now that would be even louder.

And the truck could act as an extension of activations that people need to go to themselves.

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that is perfect and you are right about getting lost. What woudl make the NOUNs stand out is the design and the value added props etc. the biggest problem with NY activations is that people do not realise how much time it takes to get from place to palce. Hopefully you can have a few locations as options that would be near by and easy to get to from the main halls

Bullish on food trucks - they’re mobile and a nice wrap will really pop on the streets. You’ll be able to distribute nounish goods (pre-packaged food & merch) with minimum equipment and staffing.

If you need homemade ice cream (NYC), I know a guy… :melting_face:

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A food truck would be super easy for us to make a reality. How can I get this ball rolling? Is there someone I should speak to directly for this years NFT NYC?

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