Nouns Merch Shop


General Magic is offering their services to Nouns DAO to create a swag shop with special features such as adding your Noun that will be identified by connecting your wallet to the site. This proposal will contribute to sending a Noun to outer space and support the treasury of the DAO, but also allow the community to enjoy the experience of your site and give them the ability to support the project and be proud of wearing Nouns DAO merch.

Proposal description

General Magic offers full-service product, governance, and crypto-economic systems design for Impact DAOs. We’ve helped build and grow public goods projects such as Giveth, Commons Stack, Token Engineering Commons, clrFund, DAppNode, Ethereum Name Service, and more. With deep roots in the Ethereum ecosystem, the General Magic team has Web3 professionals for virtually any need your DAO has!

We will create and maintain an online portal that allows for the sale of officially branded Nouns DAO merchandise for public purchase and global fulfillment.

We’ll design your merch shop to be in-line with your brand guidelines, and work with you to decide exactly what types of merch you would like to offer.

The shop will accept fiat and crypto payments.

Bank cards will be accepted through Stripe, which complies with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

Purchases in ERC20 tokens on Ethereum Mainnet (or any other EVM chain) are possible directly from the customer’s wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect).

The shop will offer only high-quality merchandise for both sexes and/or unisex in sizes S through 2XL when possible and applicable.

Merchandise will be sourced through Printful.

Eco-friendly merchandise from sustainable sources will be prioritized. Our team can either help train anyone from Nouns DAO to run the store, or we can manage day-to-day operations and customer service ourselves.

Scoping & Design

In the first phase of the project, we’ll define detailed project requirements, including visual requirements, branding, types, and designs of merchandise, fulfillment, legal and administration, sourcing, supported payment methods and currencies, customer support needs, and additional features and integrations.

We will then design the shop according to your requirements, and work with you to decide exactly what types of merchandise you would like to offer.


In this phase, we’ll build and deploy Nouns DAO Merch Store. This will include integrations with our merch fulfillment partner and payment gateway integration.

We will build the site using a CMS (WordPress), up to the design specifications of Nouns DAO, and host it using a third-party WordPress hosting provider.

It will include all types of merch that your team requires and will be fulfilled by a dropshipping provider (eg. Printful).

We will allow customers to pay with fiat or crypto, and we can even have a special custom “merch token” created just for ordering swag (if desired).


In this phase, we’ll do a final QA test (both internally and with members of the Nouns DAO community), leading up to the launch of the Nouns DAO Merch Store.

This will include testing the various payment methods we’ll set up (including “merch tokens” if required, fiat payments, and test orders).

We can also potentially promote your products on our other swag stores e.g. Commons Stack & Giveth.

Ongoing support

We offer two options for ongoing support. Either we can train a team from the Nouns DAO community to run the store on their own, or if required, we will continue ongoing maintenance and support for the Nouns DAO Merch Store, this will have an extra cost that can be covered by a maintenance fee/shared profits. This will include making sure there are no issues with the website, and customers are satisfied with their orders. We will integrate a Live Chat platform (so that users can reach out directly), and this will create a ticket in our system that our team will follow up within a timely manner (within 24/hours).

How does this proposal benefit the community?

Nouns DAO community can use the profits of the shop in this way the community as a whole would be benefited from the impact of this proposal.

Another benefit is allowing everyone to support the project and proudly wear Nouns merch. It will create a stronger bond with the community and create an opportunity for everyone who wants to support Nouns DAO

Amount requested

30,000 USDC for creating the site and be ready to go

And if required, we will continue ongoing maintenance and support for Nouns DAO Merch Store, this will have an extra cost that can be covered by a maintenance fee (1,000 on stables) if the volume generated is low or 50-50 shared profits in case the volume is high.


3 months after the grant gets approved

What does success look like?

Making it possible for anyone to purchase Nouns DAO swag while creating opportunities to support the treasury resources in the long term.

How will you share progress?

Once we have a formal proposal we will share updates in the same thread so the broad community is updated

Team Information

General Magic is a group of Web3 professionals with deep roots in the Ethereum ecosystem offering a full-service product, governance, and crypto-economic systems design for Impact DAOs.

Our team of designers, developers, system architects, researchers, writers, and seasoned Web3 professionals have the knowledge and insights to support the ever-growing demands of Impact DAOs — both by integrating with existing teams and creating resources from scratch.

Here’s a link for some of the swag shops we have already created.

General Magic


Commons Stack


Learn more:

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30K USD for a merch site? o.O
via a third part hosting site?

It will include web3 integration, the shop will be interactive with the wallet and nouns owners. The first phase will be the scope and design of the store. Hope the price makes sense to you now.