On the 22nd of this month,ETH safari,the biggest crypto conference in Africa will be going down in Kenya. The event was able to be organized through funding by some of the biggest players in the crypto space such as the Ethereum Foundation, The ETH L2 Polygon (Matic), web3 fundraising tool Juicebox and some of the biggest crypto-media teams; Bankless and Coin telegraph.

•Funding request:10 ETH
The fund requested will be used as follows:

5 ETH: To sponsor the event. Sponsoring the event will make sure that Nouns secure a spot for an on the ground presence. This will enable the putting up of a booth at the venues,a spot in the billboard ad for the event and will open up a chance for a nounish speaker and presentation.

1.5 ETH - The end game for bringing Nouns to ETH Safari is to bring in new builders and make community members out of conference attendants. The goal is to add value to the community by contributing to the pool of talented builders that already exist in the Nouns ecosystem. This will be achieved by running a number of art contests, both on the ground and on a specialized Twitter and Instagram page. ETH prices will be used as good incentive for talented artists to participate and consequently join the community. Afterwards, building a community within the Nouns to build and fund proposals will given priority.

3 ETH: Branding will be an important part of the campaign, bringing notice of the Nouns to a physical presence of more than 1000 crypto natives from all over Africa. The event will also be streamed live for anyone who would like to follow the proceedings. Branding will involve,
•1000 posters for guerilla marketing at the venues
•A booth- A very nice booth set up, similar to the one used by nounish builders in Singapore,will also be put up for use in the venues.
•T shirts and caps - Loads of tshirts will be printed for distribution among the conference participants for proliferation.

0.5 ETH - To make the project worth the while and make sure it attracts sizeable attention on Twitter and Instagram, the event will be captured by a professional media team who will bring every moment of the conference, through the nounish lens, to your screens. The videos will be professionally edited and presented to the Nouns DAO after the event.

The ETH Safari
The conference will be happening in 3 stages, moving between 3 different venues. The first stage will be a meetup for all crypto communities in the capital, followed by the ‘Blocktrain’, a train ride from the capital to the Southern coast. During the said ride,a whole cabin will be used by participants of the ETH Safari hackathon, an interesting stage that is the first of it’s kind anywhere. The conference will be concluded by the main event at the country’s south coast city of Kilifi, where all the concerned parties will set up on the ground for the main event. The event will then be concluded in style by a beach crypto themed festival.


I am making an application for funding to bring nounish vibes and a strong presence to the biggest and first ever ETH conference in Africa. The number of Nouns DAO community members from Africa or with African roots has been steadily on the rise, boasting a considerable number on Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, on the flip side of boasting rich cultures and majestic wildlife, Africa is burdened with a high poverty rate, meaning exposure to not just building driven communities like Nouns DAO ,but also basic internet is limited to some extent. Establishing a good on the ground presence and bringing together a community from Africa from a first of it’s kind conference will be sure to place Nouns in an indispensable position for a rapidly developing region who are slowly but surely coming to the light.

All building and proposal developments will be done publicly here,and on the Nouns DAO discord. My discord tag is DonJon#4062 (Lost previous discord account to a series of unfortunate events)

Hey donjon, I like the idea…some suggestions for the prop:

Get rid of the big logo images. They just take up space and aren’t needed. Stating them is enough.

I would def put a tl;dr at the top…something like: “IRL Nounify the first African ETH conference with a booth, on the ground promotion, and art contests, to reach at least 1000 crypto natives from all over Africa”

I would shorten or move a lot lower the paragraph about ETH Safari and make your proposal and details the first priority. Just saying the first ever ETH Safari is enough without all the details of how the conference is run.

Your price and breakdown of ETH looks good.

Hope that helps and you can get funding. Good idea. Good IRL opportunity.

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Update: Due to timing problems,the exhibition did not happen but we were fortunate enough to share the nounish spirit to the community around and the participants of the meeting through nounish merch!

Cost breakdown:
•25 sweat shirts @ $20 each - $500
•25 t-shirts @ $15 each - $375
Total : $875