Nouns Wallet Update: Ask reduced from 500 ETH to 275 ETH!

Hello folks. A month ago we proposed a draft for Nouns Wallet. Proposal Draft: Nouns Wallet (Request For Comment)

The funding was structured in 3 rounds as described in the link above, with an option to discontinue from any round onwards.

We have now significantly reduced our costs by dedicatedly completing much of the backend and cryptography work with very little resources and manpower that we have! We ask for 275 ETH over 2 rounds now.

  • Round 1 - 25 ETH
    Backend development is almost complete. With this funding we can demonstrate to the NounsDAO a detailed proof of concept which would include the front-end development and UI/UX.

  • Round 2 - 250 ETH (200 for code audit + 50 ETH for changes based on feedback on POC)
    Once the product is launched in the market, a code audit will be needed to buy credibility for our product and increase adoption. 200 ETH for audit is essential. 50 ETH for changes is tentative and we can alter that based on further discussions.