Small Grants: Nouns at ETHAccra, the first Ethereum Hackathon in West Africa

** What is the project**

I propose that Nouns DAO sponsor an Ethereum hackathon in Accra, Ghana.

** In summary, what is this proposal about?**

I am the co-founder of ETHAccra and I want to host a hackathon that will attract more developers to web3 and Nouns. To do so, we need funding, specifically for the prize fund and general expenses of such an event, like catering, venue costs, marketing campaign etc.

My contact info:

Discord: abena.eth

Twitter: @abena_eth or @ETHAccra


West Africa in particular Ghana and Nigeria are at the forefront in terms of crypto adoption rate and encompass a growing Ethereum developer community.

Right now, many developers and ambitious people, who will be future innovators, go to Schools and Universities. ETHAccra exists to accelerate the education and opportunities of a new era of developers and bring diversity into web3 conversations globally by fostering communities in Ghana.

** How it will proliferate Nouns (or already has) **
This benefits Nouns in many ways. One of the ways it benefits Nouns is the exposure the project will get. As a major sponsor, Nouns will be mentioned during the event and on all posters and promotions that we will put up. Additionally, we also organise a campus tour in July and August 2023 at 10 universities across Ghana. That will prepare students for the main hackathon. I think this is a great idea to get in front of the students to plant the seed of web3. Each university has over 300 students, and each of them will see a poster with Nouns on it at some point in. As part of the campus tour students have the opportunity to become campus ambassadors with the purpose of growing Ethereum developer focused community engagement. And, if we continue this partnership, Nouns will appear on all of the promotions for our events outside of school.

** How much upfront funding you want, if the projects completed the committee will decide on if/how much retro funds are given **

1.5 ETH

What is the execution plan?

I and 5 other members of the ETHAccra team will be responsible for day-to-day execution. Our first step would be to start a marketing campaign for the event. We will get to that right after the proposal is approved or in early September (depending on when we get the funds). The campus tour campaign will last for 1 month and will include posters put up all around the school as well as advertisements on the social media of students and tech-related clubs’ discord servers. During the marketing phase, we will buy the prizes and plan out the event itself. 1 month after this proposal is approved, the event itself will take place. No third party except the printing company for the posters is needed.

What is the timeline?

We plan to continue the campus tour at the end of July and August, and the event itself will happen in early September.

What budget are you requesting?

2 ETH for the prizes and 1.5 for the marketing campaign.

Some more pictures from our past events: