Small Grants - Nouns Fair @ ETH MX


We are NounsDAO Amigos ( We are building a nounish community for Spanish speakers thanks to Nouns and Prop House that approved proposal 166 ( on round 4 to make this possible.

So far, this is what we’ve accomplished in one month and a half of existence.

  • +200 followers on Twitter.
  • 5 Twitter Spaces accounting for 5.5 hours and 434 total listeners
  • NounsDAO Amigos stickers distributed at NFT NYC 2022
  • Spanish channel on Nouns Discord server
  • Nouns website translation (WIP)
  • Posters raid Mexico City’s streets (WIP)

Who we are?

My work is focused on product design. I’ve worked with startups and fintech for the past eight years and worked for a unicorn Mexican crypto exchange for two years and a half. Alejandra has been a freelance graphic designer and illustrator for five years and has worked for NGOs and innovation firms.

About Nouns Fair


An IRL experience to spread Nouns amidst ETH Global’s Hackathon in Mexico City (ETH Mexico). ETH Mexico will host around ~1,000 builders for three days. We attended ETH New York last June and witnessed the importance of having a space for fun and relaxing activities to cope with stress and hard work. Originally we applied to the Nouns Combinator with this project + increase our Twitter/Discord activities. We are narrowing down the proposal to the Nouns Fair with a few enhancements.

Original prop:


ETH Mexico at Proyecto Público Prim ( -


August 19 - 21, 2022 (


The NounsDAO Amigos team will execute this activation with a couple more people.


  • Grow our community
  • Onboard potential contributors
  • Put Nouns in the eyes of ~1,000 builders


The Nouns Fair will be a cultural experience focused on builders where they will be able to engage with others and get to know the Nouns project. The activation will include a welcoming set and a chill room. The welcoming set will consist of a photo opportunity, piñatas, and merchandise at the entrance at the time of registration. The chill room will consist of the aforementioned plus games for the rest of the hackathon. At the same time, we’ll convey to attendees what Nouns is, what they can do, and how they can participate. We’ll document the event and produce audiovisual content (example of content: Entrando al Espacio Cripto After Movie.mp4 - Google Drive).

Photo opportunity
We want to create a photo set where people can feel nounish and share it on the internet. A fully Nouns-branded photo station where attendees take selfies, and full body photos will serve as a welcoming station. We are inspired by the Cool Cats’ Cooltopia event at NFT NYC. We will work with a designer to build a high-quality set.

Cool Cats’ Cooltopia at NFT NYC

Three different games will be available at the place: marbles, foosball, and pin the tail on the donkey. We will brand these games with Nouns and noggles. We believe these games have a nounish feeling and will serve as an engagement factor. We will replicate the marbles, pin the tail games, and rent the foosball. After registration, these games will be placed at the event entrance and relocated to the chill room.

Traditional marbles fair game

Smashing piñatas is a tradition in Mexico. We will make two piñatas. We won’t smash them but will make custom nounish piñatas present in the whole set. Attendees can take selfies and full body photos posing with them.

Custom piñatas

We’ll make pins, stickers, and T-shirts. We will make 500 stickers, 100 pins, and 100 T-shirts. We’ll distribute them as a reward for spending time and engaging with the activation by playing games and taking photos.

NounsDAO Amigos stickers


Description Cost in USD* Cost in ETH**
Photo set 4,000 3.63
Marbles game 300 0.27
Foosball game 500 0.45
Pin the tail game 250 0.22
Piñatas (2) 200 0.18
Stickers (500) 650 0.59
Pins (100) 350 0.31
T-shirts (100) 975 0.88
Assistants for the event (2) 600 0.54
Salaries (2) 3,000 2.72
Operations, transportation 500 0.45
Approximate total 11,325 10.29

*Costs are based on local vendors at current prices in MXN converted to USD.
**We are considering an ETH avg. price of 1,100 USD due to possible fluctuations.

NounsDAO Amigos will be in charge of operations, concept, and graphic design, and will collaborate with specialists to make this possible.

We believe this is a great opportunity to make a nounish experience IRL that could be replicated in other countries. We are excited to make this happen to grow our community and give Nouns exposure to more potential builders.

awesome, thanks mono. SG will fund this - very excited to see the results. please share updates and any content here / on discord!

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Thank you so much for funding our proposal. We are so excited! We’ll keep you posted

gm! – working on a report about this grant. Spoiler: it was successfully executed with significant exposure to attendees and on social media channels. I will deliver it asap.

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fantastic, keep us posted, i heard good things from friends who were around

Hello again. I’ll drop here a summary of what happened and what we did with the Nouns Fair :saluting_face:

Nouns Fair Report

Thanks to Nouns and the funding from Small Grants, NounsDAO Amigos was able to execute the Nouns Fair. An IRL experience to spread Nouns amidst ETHMexico –ETH Global’s recent hackathon in Mexico City. The event was planned for hackers from Mexico and different parts of the world. The event was held at Proyecto Público Prim, an old Porfirian house in Mexico City’s heart, from August 19th to 21st, 2022.

The Nouns Fair was conceived as the official cultural space and NFT gallery inside the hackathon –worth noting that there were no official events other than the Nouns Fair. Thanks to this, we were in a privileged and convenient position to put Nouns in attendees’ eyes.

What we delivered

The Nouns Fair experience comprised of the fair room, the NFT gallery distributed around the venue, and a piñata action after the closing ceremony. Here’s a breakdown of each.

Fair room

The fair room was a 9x5m room that functioned as the core attraction of the Nouns Fair, including the following:

  • Photo opportunity
  • Games (foosball and marble tables)
  • Nounish piñatas
  • Bigshot’s physical Noggles
  • Merchandise (t-shirts, pins, and, stickers)
  • Mexican traditional candies
  • POAPs

To make it feel like a real fair, people had to interact with the games, noggles, and photo opportunity to claim their merch and POAPs. From 8 am to 8 pm, at least one host was able to encourage people to interact with fair and learn about Nouns.

The Nouns Fair awaiting builders

Steph Orpilla from Polygon

Kartik Talwar and Anna Liang from ETH Global

People hanging at the Nouns Fair

More people hanging at the Nouns Fair

Photo opportunity

NFT gallery

The NFT gallery comprised 10 screens showcasing the work of 28 artists and collections. Including nounish representatives such as Messhup, MrSeaks, Brandon Mighty, Greta Gremplin, Psychdre, Nounish, and, of course, Nouns. The gallery was distributed around the venue (entrance, hallway, and sculptures room), making it visible to attendees at all times.

Gallery - Hallway

Gallery - Sculptures Room

Gallery - Hallway

Piñata action

After the closing ceremony, we opened the after-party with a piñata action. Two of our piñatas were smashed by the hackathon’s finalists creating a very nounish moment.

Piñata action

Piñata about to be smashed

Find the noggles

Nouns Fair reel and photo book - ETA TBC

Additionally, we hired a local professional team that took photos and recorded the Nouns Fair experience. We’ll deliver a reel and a photo book that are still in post-production.

The fair in numbers

Here’s a recap of the mentioned above in numbers.

Metrics / Achievements

  • 36% Twitter followers increment
  • 86 POAPs distributed
  • Nouns piñatas and noggles appearance in ETHMexico’s official recap reel
  • Nouns piñatas and noggles appearance in ETHMexico’s official photo book
  • Meme material on Twitter
  • Vitalik Buterin wearing noggles - maybe next time!

We believe the Nouns Fair was a successful experience that helped us to achieve our three main goals.

  • Grow our community
  • Onboard potential contributors
  • Put Nouns in the eyes of ~1,000 580 builders

We spent three days proliferating Nouns. We witnessed the interest and curiosity of people asking about the mechanism of Nouns, NounsDAO Amigos, and the possibility of making proposals and contributing to the DAO. According to ETH Global’s metrics, around 65% of builders were from Latin America – we are so excited to have reached to ~377 Spanish speakers willing to build in the space!

We’d love to see more Latinos participate in the upcoming months by joining Nouns through NounsDAO Amigos, ultimately executing proposals from and for Latin America.

Twitter followers count chart

Meme material

ETHMexico recap reel still - Nouns piñata

ETHMexico recap reel still - Noggles


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awesome work, awesome update. thanks for sharing and building on Nouns


Thank you for supporting us. It’s a pleasure :sparkles:

Hermoso mono! what an amazing experience that must have been! My only regret is I couldn’t attend :joy:

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gm gm – an update here!

here you can find the photo book and reel from the Nouns Fair @ETHMexico!

we’ll be rolling out these in the following days in our socials :saluting_face: