Small Grants: Nouns Learning Platform

Hi! My name is dani and I go by resiliencia (resilience in Spanish). I am a creative developer based in NYC. I am fascinated by the NounsDAO and everything that you are creating. Today, I am looking to get started building things for the ecosystem. You can check some of my work here

Here is my proposal:

I have a vision to create a nouns education platform. An education platform focused on educating non-web3 users mainly on why NounsDAO matters.

When I got started diving deep into the Nouns Ecosystem, I was fascinated. I was so fascinated that I decided to share it with pretty much everyone I know. The problem was that many of them have no knowledge about the crypto world, so it was very difficult to make them understand what this was all about. So in that process, I started coming up with many comparisons that made them understand. That is when I came up with the idea of building a place where those people can go and learn, get educated and see how they can also be part of the ecosystem.

The beautiful part is that this will alow us to introduce many people into the web3 world, or at least peak their curiosity, and I really believe that when curiosity takes the wheel, people break any barriers in order to get to where they feel called to.

My proposal is to create a website where anyone can come and get educated. There will be dynamics that will incentivize people to learn. We will educate them from the ground up, and we will reward them with different incentives. For example, when you complete 1 module, you get an NFT, which for many it will be their first. When you complete all the modules we help you burn those NFTs to get the final version. We help you understand what cc0 is, what minting is, how you can create new noun traits, and how you can get involved in the ecosystem. We teach you everything you need to know from DAOs, to Wallets, to Noogles… You get the point.

We are seeking 10 ETH to develop this platform. The visuals will be similar to and we will make it interactive. Anyone can sign in, and record their progress. The modules are still not 100% clear yet but we would be very happy to hear those from the community, but the main modules will be:
-What is a DAO
-What is NounsDAO
-What is cc0
-What are Nouns made of
-Daily Auctions
-Getting involved in Nouns
-Getting Started in web3
-Get your first NFT (a collection from Learn Nouns)
-Understanding Traits
-What are Noogles

Then any more ideas will be more than welcome.

We have a team of creators that will take care of creating the course’s content. Our main goal is to make it fun and interactive, just like anything Nouns related.

I am looking forward to hearing feedback and getting started on working on this dream platform.

Thank you for your time