**Small Grants** – Rotating Ecosystem . NounsCard Collection ( Updated )

I’ve always been passionate about RAREPEPE, collecting cards gives you a dose of nostalgia.
For every good collector, the emotion of collecting to the addiction of defying luck, are emotions that we taste with maximum pleasure.
What if it was possible to combine the excitement of collecting pepes and the addiction to opening card packs for example Pokemon Cards in a single project?

Have you ever collected cards? Whether it’s sports cards, pokemon or the endless possibilities of card collections. This is the hobby in its purest form.

The purpose of this project is to bring with it the nostalgia of collecting cards in its truest form.
All cards will be NFTs, that is, they will be able to be marketed and exchanged by the community itself.

As in every card collection there are rarities, here it will be no different, for example:

The rarity will be established according to the oldest nouns, nounders, moderation, promos. From the thrill of opening a new package to the thrill of pulling out a holographic Noun 4156,

Promo cards will be the most significant projects that have brought major additions to the Nouns ecosystem, for example:

Lil NounsDAO
The Nouns Square

Finally, cards from Nouns 0 to 500 will be developed, the data on the cards will be the main data, in addition to an impeccable art of each Noun, data such as the winning bid, the wallet, the numbering of the Nouns will be added.

A pack with 3 Nouns cards in each will be sold, thus stimulating emotion and the possibility of drawing rare cards.

For everyone who completes the collection, all cards will be sent in their physical form, in addition to participation in the DAO.

Which DAO?

The name has not yet been selected, but through this project a DAO will be created, the objective is clear, :repeat: inspired by TugstenDAO, it will be an incubator for artists with special memetic talents.

TugstenDAO was inspired by NounsDAO, maybe an exchange would be interesting.


A DAO for memes related to Nouns could be very interesting! Curious to see new memes, and how far the engine can be pushed.



Using basic math, creating a hypothetical scenario where only 50 cards of each Noun are produced.

500 * 50 = 25,000

Each pack comes with 3 NFTs Nouns cards.

25,000 / 3 = 8,333

In a hypothetical scenario that each packet is 0.03 ETH

8.333 * 0.03 = 250 ETH

With just 50 cards of each Noun produced, the amount collected would be 250 ETH, considering the minimum, in the scenario where only 50 people are interested in completing the collection.

The amount collected in this scenario would be divided into the following percentages:

12% for the noun treasure = 30 ETH.

13% for larger mandates to prop house = 32.5 ETH

45% for a fund to acquire our own Nouns = 112.5 ETH

30% for the DAO meme treasure = 75 ETH

( The above scenario is just a quick scenario of the possibilities that could be created. )

Thus 100% of the amount raised, being directed to the Nouns ecosystem directly and indirectly

Possible collectors:

“Fast Flippers” – Flippers are more interested in making quick money than collecting cards, so they can buy multiple cards in order to get a higher rarity card e.g. the first Nouns, or a Nounder, to resell them for a high price.
“Wall Street Types” – Just like stocks, card values ​​fluctuate over time. Wall Street types see trading cards as tangible stocks. They take the time to research value trends and are always looking to buy low and sell high. Like the fast swimmers, Wall Street types are in the hobby for the money, but they handle larger sums and seem to find pleasure in the ride.
“Nouns nostalgic” – This is where the community places itself. Many have been here since the beginning of the project, collecting and trading NFTs cards with the community itself is immeasurable
“DAO” – Collectors and artists looking to complete their collections to gain greater participation in DAO.

I am requested 4.7 ETH for the purpose of getting a trial, presenting updates every 15 days.

Budget :
2 ETH artists
2.7 ETH develop beta site

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