Small Grants: Nouns Educational Videos

Hey NounsDAO! I’m Josh, a YouTuber and new community member.

Last week I released a Nouns explainer video on YouTube and a Twitter/X thread to go along with it. The two of those combined are around 2k views over 5 days and you can find them here.

I believe this is a solid onboarding video for newcomers. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s the TLDR of my request:

*3 ETH for (3) 5-8 minute videos, 3 shorts, & supporting tweets/threads

Full Request:
I want to show people that they can actually participate in the DAO, make something cool and useful, and get paid for it. And I want to share my genuine experience and what I learned going through the process.

So I’m asking for:
1 ETH retro funding for the Explainer and tweet thread I already released and I’ll add a short video covering the highlights of that video, which I’ll release on YouTube and Twitter.

1 ETH for 1 video, 1 short, & tweets explaining my strategy to submit multiple videos for the Stand with Crypto challenge on Prop House (which is starting tomorrow).

Then I’ll make the videos for the Prop House round and submit them.

1 ETH for 1 vid, 1 short, & tweets explaining either how I won the contest, or if I don’t win, how I used small grants to at least earn a few ETH and what I learned.

Every video will lead viewers to the NounsDAO & will be CC0 for anyone to use and/or remix.

The reason I’m asking for 3 ETH is it will allow me to hire a professional video editor for all of the videos and pay for my time making the videos & doing my research. And I want to buy some Nouns goodies from Bigshot Toyshop to have have in my videos going forward.

For context, I spent about a week and a half of my free time to do my research for the initial explainer–plus the time it took to record and edit it.

Ultimately my longer-term goal is to create more ambitious things with the DAO throughout this upcoming market cycle in terms of education, onboarding, and AI, so I’m incentivized to make sure all of this content I’m creating matches the Nouns brand and provides more value than the ETH amount I’m asking for.

As I did with my explainer, I’ll talk with knowledgeable community members to ensure content is accurate and resonates. And I’m happy to incorporate feedback and answer questions on all this. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s a fresh wallet address for the 3 ETH that I’ll use for NounsDAO and Prop House rounds going forward.

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Oh and to prove that it was actually me who did this proposal (using a fresh wallet can raise eyebrows) here’s my tweet about it.