Nouns Hacker House @EthDenver, stewarded by PeepleDAO

Our proposal is to have the Nouns ecosystem host an epic Nouns Hacker House in collaboration with PeepleDAO, housing hackers and founders for free from Feb 24th - March 2nd.

Builders will hack on open-source, on-chain experiments, infrastructure and public goods during EthDenver to proliferate the mission of Nouns DAO, Lil Nouns DAO and other subDAOs across some of the largest ecosystems in the web3 industry.

Building relationships through living and hacking together is way more lit than just getting a cup of coffee. We’re all about creating sustainable, long-term, bad-ass infrastructure that supports web3 and its mission. Let’s make it happen, people!

We’re on a mission to create a sizzling hot spot for cross-pollination to happen naturally and with purpose. With top-notch resources, badass mentors and killer programming, we’re building a space that attracts and nurtures builders and founders from all over to cook up some long-term, sustainable solutions for the Nouns ecosystem.

What are the main challenges we are trying to solve ?

  • Proactively ensure that relevant solutions and RFPs that will benefit Nouns, Lil Nouns and the broader Nouns ecosystem are being prioritized, actively built and maintained.
  • Open source building and contributions beyond Nouns ecosystem to developers from other ecosystems.
  • Share opportunities to build through other ecosystem partners to facilitate organic cross pollination of nounish culture, ethos and infrastructure.
  • Inspire innovative, interoperable, and composable ideas and prototypes combining NounsDAO and Nouns subDAOs infrastructure and other ecosystem technologies.
  • Incentive hacks/ solutions from other ecosystems to be built on Nouns by providing bounties; which can consist of grant money and 1-2 Lil Nouns to improve decentralization and diversity of governance amongst subDAOs.
  • Potentially open up new pathways to scale NounsDAO and Nouns subDAOs treasuries beyond auction funds by tapping into other ecosystems’ bounties and builder grants.

How will this benefit Nouns and the border Nouns Ecosystem?

  • Attract high quality builders to contribute to solutions that are highly requested on NounsDAO, Lil Nouns DAO and other Nouns subDAOs.
  • Create a space for builders from Nouns DAO, all other nouns subDAOs and other ecosystems to collaborate and identify and build high impact opportunities that can benefit both ecosystems.
  • Have a strong presence during #BUILDweek and ETHDenver with open-invite community events throughout the week ; objective is to actively onboard new members into the Nouns community and subDAOs and distribute existing onboarding resources, PeepleDAO Background What is Peeple DAO? Peeple DAO is a talent-focused service DAO made up of crypto-native recruiters who connect, build, and propagate communities of builders, enabling intentional innovation for the web3 ecosystem. What challenges is PeepleDAO trying to solve? Overall we aspire to promote coordination, align incentives, and create a collaborative ecosystem that will foster and grow a sustainable future for the open internet. Information asymmetry is very high leading to fragmented solutions. The market for work is abundant on both sides for candidates and organizations, yet there is a major imbalance between talent on the market and accessibility of jobs for them to do. The current venture capital landscape has made it easier for junior talent to obtain funding for their own projects than to secure employment. The negative effects of layoffs and slowdowns have disproportionately affected new graduates and inexperienced workers. Remote work may also make it more challenging for new graduates to demonstrate their value, as senior-level talent becomes more accessible for roles. Additionally, lean teams often lack the resources to train and onboard junior employees. Labor markets are becoming increasingly specialized. Almost 40% of Americans switched jobs during Covid, and many more are still looking to make a career change. Effective routers and indexers of talent are needed now more than ever.

PeepleDAO ecosystem overview?

Communities we are frens with: D_D, DevFolio, SheFi, Boys Club, She256, CodeArena, Immunefi, Consensys Diligence, Tachyon, 0xMacro Devolio, Narra8ive

Teams we contribute to:

Ethereal Ventures, PoolTogether, Aztec Protocol, Aragon, Intuition, 1kx, Optimism, Zapper, Eigen Layer, Utopia Labs, Lit Protocol, Snapshot, Starkware

Ways we add value:

We introduce builders to builders so they can start providing value asap. We activate and empower a large latent network of untapped talent who are looking for contribution and collaboration opportunities, accelerating ecosystem growth and improving fragmentation through fulfilling particular needs via Grant RFPs.

Our ‘Peeple Pods’ allow for talent composability. In the context of talent management, composability means that teams can use pre-existing resources without having to start from scratch. ‘Peeple Pods’ increase efficiency and functionality by plugging into open ecosystems, and allow for easier cross-pollination of skills and talent. Composability is the ultimate network effect.

Business development teams are a massively underrepresented group, leading to low discoverability and a lack of activated users. Without activated users, you get less product feedback, which results in low product stickiness and ultimately less user retention. We use our well-connected ecosystem to extend the ‘business development’ arm to minimize friction in converting communities into contributors.

@marvelgirl.eth from PeepleDAO has recently been stewarding builders to contribute props to Lil Nouns and Nouns ecosystems. Recently, she has helped @marcusdotam and @K41r0n submit to Explorer Grants, where their props have been featured.

Why is PeepleDAO the right partner for this Hacker House?

Peeple DAO’s primary function is to introduce builders to builders so they can start providing value asap. We are a good partner for Lil Nouns because we represent, activate, and empower a large network of untapped talent who are hungry for opportunities to collaborate and build.

We have spent countless hours immersed in communities to understand their core needs. We understand the tech, team ethos and are experienced in web3 team building. So far, our team has served over 190 teams across chains.

Our super power is harnessing network effects, as we believe we all have the collective six degrees of separation to reach Satoshi.


Ideation Days (Feb 22 - Feb 24)

  1. Goal: Collect and identify high-impact ideas + RFPs in crypto from NounsDAO, Lil Nouns DAO and other partners in person and virtually.

Why: Hackers with extraordinary technical skills too often miss opportunities because they start building without idea validation. No crazy technological breakthrough will happen over 72 hours, thus identifying the right problem to solve is far more integral.

  1. Bounty collection approach: Collect bounties/ RFPs from Nouns, Lil Nouns and sponsor partners a month in advance. Assemble hackers on a virtual call a week in advance to discuss ideas, and full-time explore opportunities in-person during ideation days.

  2. Builders: they are scrappy and resourceful enough to quickly figure out how to build something they’ve never built. They have strong track records in building various tools, dapps, and repos, and usually have the tenacity to stay up all night to finish solving/building something.

  3. Mentors: they have industry experience and offer multifaceted perspectives and support. They may not participate directly in the hackathon.
    3**. Stewards**: they run the house’s operations

#BUIDLweek (Feb 24 - Mar 1)

  1. Feb 24th : 9am - Lil Hacker House Opening ceremony
  2. Feb 24th - March 1 : Hack at EthDenver or build solutions directly related to bounties/RFPs/Lil Quests at Lil Hacker House!
  3. March 1 - Submit Lil Hacker House solutions
  4. March 2 - winners are announced
  5. Chill intimate gatherings in the evenings, creating a space where:
  6. Builders find each other and form life-long friendships
  7. The most promising teams and protocols can discuss the craziest ideas
  8. The residents and visitors are all contributing citizens to the house (from cleaning the house, bringing food, to inviting more awesome people) and we treat each other with pure intentions
  9. Conservations keep us up until 4 am and we are still reluctant to leave
  10. We don’t throw crazy parties with loud music, nor do we welcome people who just want to freeload food and drinks, or “network”.

On the Ground Team
Stewards ( organizers of the house)

  1. Marvelgirl.eth: NFTs Lead @CeloOrg. Helping cross-pollinate culture and infrastructure between @peepleDAO and @lilnounsdao| Lil Noun #6909:
  2. Solidity Slayer: @PEEPLEDAO Blockchain Tech Recruitooor | SoliditySlayer.eth | @Developer_DAO| Lil Noun #6936
  3. Bloomz: Local Lil Nouner, Nounish Builder, Curator and Artist | Lover of Art, Events, Art Installations, and Gallery shows | Founder of LightItUpDAO

Partnerships + Sponsorships

  1. Alec Gutman: Summoning @PEEPLEDAO | Owner of 60+ Lil Nouns @lilnounsdao | Prev. @ConsenSysMesh @OP_Recruiting @nectarchain
  2. Alexis Perez : Recruiter @PeepleDAO

Hackers in Residence

Builders (participating in hacking at EthDenver + Lil Hacker House )

Approach: Send Hacker Residence Form to builders in following communities :

  1. Nouns DAO

  2. Lil Nouns DAO

  3. All Nouns Sub DAOs (Wizards, UglyDAO, Mural Nouns etc.)

  4. Ecosystem/Bounty partner: Gnosis Safe

  5. Ecosystem/Bounty partner: Optimism

  6. Ecosystem/Bounty Partner: Developer DAO

  7. Ecosystem/Bounty Partner: Lil Protocol

Hacker Residence Application (will create google form)

  • What’s your Twitter handle?
  • What’s your Github?
  • What’s your Telegram handle?
  • What are your top 3 ideas that you want to build during EthDenver?
  • Who are the original thinkers in the space that you admire?
  • …and what are your favorite articles/papers/open source projects?
  • Who do you know in this space that you think is underrated?
  • What is your availability in February and March to be in Denver? As we are likely to extend the dates of the hacker house.

Capacity of Hacker House ( residents + crashers)

~ 30 folks 8-10 spots for residents live in the house from Feb 22 - Mar 2

Hacker Selection Process:

  • If we get 8-10 apps → quick interview vetting by sterwards
  • If we get 10-20 apps → quick interview vetting by stewards → ecosystems vote on final 10
  • If we get 20+ apps, we do filter down to 20 →quick interview vetting by stewards → and the have ecosystems vote on final 10

Mentors ( form all above communities )
Approach: Send mentor form to following communities:

  1. Nouns DAO
  2. Lil Nouns DAO
  3. All Nouns Sub DAOs (Wizards, UglyDAO, Mural Nouns etc.)
  4. Ecosystem/Bounty partner: Gnosis Safe
  5. Ecosystem/Bounty partner: Optimism
  6. Ecosystem/Bounty Partner: Developer DAO
  7. Ecosystem/Bounty Partner: Lil Protocol

Free RSVP to access passes via eventbrite (up to capacity)

Funding Needed


Ad-hoc hackers + visitors who want to build or hang out at house but don’t need residency

Free RSVP to access passes via eventbrite (up to capacity)

End of week event: Nounish Dreams @ ( location TBA ) Description: A Nounish dreamscape party that celebrates the history and proliferation of Nouns and web3 culture with immersive art/installations, transcendent music, intimate live performances and chill vibes @ Ethdenver. Capacity: 200 - 300 folks

*Bounty amounts are not reflected above
Bounty amounts will be finalized during the Bounty collection process and depend on how each ecosystem partner/ DAO/ pods price each RFP/Bounty.


Huge thank you to Bloomz for helping me and @SoliditySlayer get this up! Please tag @marvelgirl.eth for any questions or concerns ! <3


Excited to see Nouns exploring activations at hackathons and dev-heavy conferences. Wen IRL prop house


Would love to see this happen! This is an awesome crew :slight_smile:


Thank you so much and love your support!

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Thank you! If it passes, cant wait to collab with NounsOTG to get some IRL coverage <3

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What do you mean, isn’t this part of NounsOTG? @Bloomz is on that team, right? You guys just got 570 ETH in funding, why are you asking for more money?

Hi @ponti , my frens at PeepleDAO and I are not part of NounsOTG, this is a different proposal we are planning to steward. From my conversations with @Bloomz , he mentioned that he is not contributing to the NounsOTG at Denver and kindly offered us his capacity and time to help us out. @Bloomz please feel free to correct me on that.

I simply meant that if NounsOTG is present at Denver and this proposal passed, we could potentially collaborate on showcasing some of the builders at the Hacker House. Happy to answer other other questions you may have :slight_smile:

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No I am not on that team. This is for a hacker house for a team of builders to enter the hackathon together. This has nothing to do with Nouns OTG other then possible cross pollination.