Web3 Central Florida Wants to Proliferate Nouns!

Hello Nouners! I host the Web3 Central Florida Events. Would love to have Nouns sponsor our next event!

Here is a recap video of our most recent event: https://twitter.com/Web3CFL/status/1554504907775959040?s=20&t=MRxdRJT-t1H9nmraa_km_Q

TL;DR : Have Nouns sponsor the @web3cfl IRL event. Dedicate a part of speaking portion to cover Nouns & have a Nouns booth to answer Q+A and giveaway Nouns goods.
(Ask: 1ETH. Expenses - Venue.DJ.Videographer.Artist.Perfomer.Nouns Goods.)

Banner from previous event.

Nouns to sponsor the Web3 CFL monthly events held at the Orlando downtown art gallery “City Arts.” Our 1st event had around 30 people attend. We expect this to grow as the event gains traction around the city. We focus on teaching others about the Web3 space. For us, that consists of NFT’s, Crypto, P2E, DAO’s , Defi, Metaverse. The beginning portion consists of speakers touching on said topics. After, people network and visit different booths from local artists & builders in the area. We have a section where we show people how to create a MM wallet and gift them there 1st NFT. There 1st experience of internet ownership. The goal would be to educate those attending the event on Nouns and showcase Nouns during the entire event as the main sponsor. The crowd consists of Web3 builders and those looking to learn about Web3 that are completely new to the space. We make it educational, fun, and interactive.

The Web3 CFL monthly events is coordinated together by several of us a part of the CFL Web3 group. There is over 60+ members in the group spanning Jacksonville, Orlando , Tampa , Cocoa Beach , Palm coast & more. Filled with devs, artists, community managers , NFT collectors , founders etc. This will allow Nouns the opportunity to reach those in the group and others in the CFL area looking to learn about Web3 and/or connect with like-minded individuals in the space. All for just 1ETH.

We hosted our 1st event in May of this year and it was a success. You can see a recap video of the event at @web3cfl twitter page. We nailed our 1st sponsor and will be hosting future meetings at the Orlando downtown art gallery. Our hope is to have Nouns become our main sponsor moving forward as I am a big supporter of Nouns and will allow me to proliferate the Nouns brand. Nouns logo will go on all marketing material & shared by our community on social accounts. I will be sharing the Nouns project with those attending the event during the speaking portion. Also, have a booth focused on those interested in hearing more about Nouns. Explain the governance system , how to mint a Noun, how to create their own Noun at the Noun “Playground.” Hand out Noun swag, host giveaways & partner with other Noun projects that would like to help us gift Nouns goods.


  • Venue - $500 for 3 hrs
  • DJ - $150
  • Videographer - $150
  • Artists - $200
  • Performer - $500+


  • @serpunketh. Started Web3 CFL events. Host of “Ready Web3” weekly show.
  • Suggestions from Nouners on what experience to provide at the Nouns booth.

Temp Check

  • Would you like to see Nouns sponsoring IRL Web3 events?
  • Any Nouners in the Central Florida area that would like to attend and help proliferate Nouns during the event?
  • I’d be interested in helping others start Web3 events in their city and have Nouns be a part of it.
  • Would appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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What date would this occur?

The date is October 15th Sat

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