**Conference Sponsorship with Noun O’ Clock Live at Art Basel Miami** (time sensitive)

(apologies for the short turn around on this – the opportunity just presented itself this week)

Conference Sponsorship with Noun O’ Clock Live at Art Basel Miami

tl:dr: Sponsor Blockchain for Social Good conference cocktail hour and proliferate nounish fun to onboard high profile leaders in the web3 art world for 5 eth.

Blockchain for Social Good is hosting a conference on December 2 in Miami coinciding with Art Basel Miami. This provides a great opportunity for Nounish proliferation to a new and diverse audience that has a social good focus as well as an opportunity for Noun O’ Clock Live during the cocktail hour as the timing should line up. This will allow for some social media content as well via photo and video. Prof Werder and Aubtoshi will be in attendance, and we will be inviting other nounish folk who will be in Miami to join us.


Conference sponsorship $5,000 (currently approx. $1200/eth so 4.1 eth) sent direct to their multisig at: 0xBB560Aae3dBE6722318D7809839a97362Ef9fdB4

Banner/signage (that can be reused) and merch: approx. .9 eth to kellywerder.eth for these purchases

Total: 5 eth

Note: this event is only 2 weeks away so I am trying to secure funding by Monday Nov 21. I know this is a really short turn around and if it is not possible, just let me know so I can seek alternatives.

How this idea came about: During NFT-NYC in June, I attended a session at the Web3 Lounge that was organized by the team behind Blockchain for Social Good. Earlier this week I noticed they were planning an event in Miami. At the same time, I was looking at various conference options where we could have a presence and impact. This particular conference feels very aligned with Nounish-ness and provides an opportunity to speak with a new audience.

Also this week, Rachel Wilkins (the conference founder) started a morning twitter spaces show with a focus on what’s good in web3. I was invited to co-host today and had a chance to answer some questions about Nouns. You can hear the conversation here starting at the beginning around the 11 minute mark after an intro of me. https://twitter.com/rachnyctalk/status/1593606482867539968?s=20&t=MsQfEJLKXRgJcnOLA9c5eQ (and of course it starts as it always does “wtf is Nouns?”)

About Blockchain for Social Good:

Blockchain for Social Good (BFSG) is a Web 3.0 event by On Chain Good with a mission to disrupt the traditional, antiquated conference model.

We pay our speakers

We center on diverse voices

We reimagine technology for good

We believe in collaborative engagement

We bring together critical thinkers


If equity, justice, transparency and accountability are the main elements of democracy, then why do we still struggle to find real solutions to these societal issues? Possibly, one reason is that we have yet to reimagine the ‘use cases’ for 3rd generation of internet technology that can be applied to impact social change. Blockchain for Social Good became that medium to begin redefining how technology and community come together and shift the narrative into a more socially sustainable Web3 model.

The promise of Web3 and the Blockchain is to be a new frontier for greater accessibility, democratization and inclusivity. However, this is still not evident at traditional Web3 conferences as they continue to prove to be very inaccessible from a price perspective, devoid of diversity on the speaker and participant front and promote a ‘pay to play’ profile where only the elite have a seat at the table. Therefore, the priorities of Blockchain for Social Good (“BSG”) are clear to ensure (a) accessibility and affordability, (b) diversity, equity and inclusion, (c) richness in the content, and (d) recognition of a speaker’s time with some form of compensation.

• Rachel Wilkens – co-founder Renegade Marketing https://twitter.com/rachnyctalk
• Stacy Igel – creator Boy Meets Girl Fashion Brand https://twitter.com/stacyigel
• Natalie Hereford – co-founder of BLAM.io and the Wunks https://twitter.com/wunksnft
• SoVonna Day-Goins – co-founder of Women X Meta https://twitter.com/sdgweb3

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The Noun O’ Clock Live events that you hosted in New York during NFT.NYC were a huge hit. Builders, Nouners and anyone interested in Nouns were able to come and hang live together during the space. You were able to get different groups of people together in the same place on multiple occasions and I believe an event like this at Art Basel would further bolster the nounish proliferation taking place during this week. Thank you prof for all that you do!

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Going to go a different way with this due to the time crunch but maybe we can revisit this option in the future. I think this event might be a little smaller than I anticipated so I’m going to work with Aubtoshi and others in Miami to find a different option this time.

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