Art Basel Miami Gallery Event

Art Basel Miami Exhibit Proposal- Inception


The Nounish Agency (Britt, Zack, and Dre) proposes to host a web 3 event sponsored by Nouns Dao. This will be a multicultural event at Art Basel in Miami that enhances holders’ experiences while also proliferating the nounish ways. The event will be token-gated for the holders and ticketed to the rest of the audience.The event will be a gallery featuring some of the most recognizable artists from web 3. We have 4 artists that are ready to commit to the event and the venue. The artists’ works will be on display and auctioned off during the event. Strolling around a beautiful venue while listening to a violin trio and experiencing beautiful art is what holder’s and attendees will be experiencing while attending our Nouns event. The goal of the event is to bring visibility to the Nouns while also highlighting wonderful artists and allowing them a platform to present their pieces. All attending will be able to experience the inclusiveness and support that is exhibited by the Nouns DAO.


Artists that are in web 3 show progressiveness, forward thinking and grit. It is the hope that the community would rally around these artists and support them. This event allows us to not only pay the artists for their time but also solidify their place in Web 3.

Not only will the event bring visibility to Nouns and the nounish ways, it will also merge Web 2 with web 3, bridging that gap. In doing so, Nouns would be the reason for many new artists and creatives onboarding into the space.


  • “Art Basel is North America’s most comprehensive international contemporary art fair with over 250 galleries from 35 countries showcasing works by more than 4,000 artists. Held annually, Art Basel Miami Beach draws thousands of art dealers, artists, collectors and aficionados to Miami.”
  • The event will be token-gated and ticketed. Nouns and Lil Nouns will have opportunities for entrance.
  • The venue would be nearby other Basel events.
  • The event will be open bar and catered.
  • The event will be filmed for documentation purposes.
  • There will be merchandise for purchase at the event.
  • The art that is auctioned off will be available both physically and via a token proof of purchase on the blockchain.

Expectations/ Success Metrics:

The long-term growth and prosperity of the Nouns project is at the heart of this event’s success.

Nouns name will be associated with a beautiful and meaningful event for artists in web3. Attendees will be exposed to the Nounish ways and also the real life auction event which mirrors Noun auctions.

We expect Nouns and lil nouns to see an increase in floor price and new unique holders.We expect the event to be a wild success and talk about thereafter, proliferating the Nouns name and brand.

Budget Breakdown

30 ETH

9 Eth to team

21 Eth to Event Expenditures
(5 Eth Venue, 7 Eth Production, 5 Eth Artist, 4 Eth Entertainment)


Brittney @brittzbits lil noun #3418, #4065, #4049, #4013

Zack ZackRadio lil noun #3173, #3727, #3695,#4243,#4244 #4399

Andre @dredamonsta1 lil noun #3876, #3396

Proposed Transactions

This is a Multi Sig wallet created for The Nounish Agency

  • 2 of the 3 signers must autorize any transactions for the wallet
  1. 0xdf8507227323d4EeF9D9223BDF9625978aFf59d6 (30 ETH)
  2. 2 of the 3 signers must autorize any transactions for the wallet
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Do you have a venue in mind? There are a number of conversations happening about Bazel and I am sure that everyone wants to have the best possible experience in the best possible spot. How close is your location to Wynwood walls do you have a list of artists you are including? How big will this venue be?

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GM. Thank you for your response. We have a few venues that are close to Miami Beach Convention Center that we are talking with. So far the ones that we have talked to are within 5 miles of Wynwood walls museum.
We have 3 artists confirmed coming from major NFT projects. We also have 1 more we are reaching out to. :slight_smile:

Love the idea. I think it would be cool to see some pictures of the venue when you have it locked it and some visuals of how you’d make the event nounish. I’ve been trying to chat with one of our local art museums to put something similar together, so you can go first and teach me all your mistakes. :sweat_smile:

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Hi Andrew,

We have a couple of venues we are talking to, but once we settled on one, we will definitely share some pics. We plan on having merchandise and stickers for nouns there, which will be nounish. We also plan to have the auction and parallel it to how auctions are very nounish, hinting at prop house and fomo -ing. lol We definitely will try our hardest to make this a memorable and nounish event. We want new community members onboarding with us after this event. In totality, I’d like to see this even show how Nouns and nounish ways are supporting builders, establishing inclusion and outreaching to more than web 3. We hope that this event evokes questions and inquisitiveness that will bring newcomers to the discord and the Twitter spaces to see what we are about.

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Cool! Keep us posted as you begin to nail down the details!

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I found a really cool venue that can hold up to 300 people and it has a wonderful ambiance to it.
I got confirmation from 3 really great web 3 artists that can have irl pieces there for the auction.
I also have other things going on in the background such as merchandise production as a possibility.
I believe that I need a noun in order to get this on the blockchain, is that correct?

We would have to have the venue locked in with a deposit before we could 100% say which venue we would be at.
However, the venue we have in mind would give us a whole level with seating and tables for the food. The venue would also provide food and beverages for a cost.
I guess, we would need the funding in order for the venue to lock it in for us. I am not sure how else to do it.
The updated venue and merchandise production would change the budget though.

Do you have any past experiences in running any events at Art Bazel? The show is scattered all over so it would really help to know hte geographic location of the event? is it in the center of the wynwood district? or someplace near by that is walkable? There are a number of conversations taking place about Bazel so it would be good to know where everyone is during the show

You’ll probably have to get the info in pretty quickly if you want to get this on chain with enough lead time to make this happen. I don’t think the prop will be strong without the venue info, photos, and some more details of what you’d like to do. You can just write it in the prop that this is the proposed venue with all the details of what you’ll do if you end up in that one.

We have a couple of venues we are talking to. One is on the beach which is walkable and the other is maybe 5 miles from the convention center. We have a pitch deck as well which has pictures and the vision of the event.

Hey there,

Right. That’s what we are thinking. We have a pitch deck with pictures and the vision for the event. How would you propose I supply that document?

To save you some time later, building it in the markdown format using will help you prep for a chain vote. Just use your slides as pictures, maybe? That would act as your v2 of this prop and gather feedback again.

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I have created a second version of the proposal. Art Basel Miami Gallery Event Version 2