Art Basel Miami Gallery Event Version 2

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Very cool to see pictures and merch to get a better idea of what this would look like. I have a few additional questions.

  1. Will this be ticketed for most people? What kind of revenue would you expect to bring in for the event? Has that been factored into a more full budget somewhere?

  2. What is the timeframe of this event? Is it a few hours? One day? Multiple days? I don’t see that referenced anywhere.

Overall, the price seems a bit crazy to me, but I may just be out of touch with what something like this would cost. I try to imagine if this event would cause just one person to purchase a Noun someday, then it would be worth it, but I’m just not sure if that would be the case here. I’ll keep thinking about it and watching the progress here!

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@BigshotKlim, I know you’ll want to see V2 of this.

80 eth is a huge amount of money for a dinner party during an event like Basel where we are competing for eyeballs from venues that feature dozens of established artists and brands from all over the world, that feature live painting and performances with lots to see and tech to interact with. We are also asking people to come to this place for and spend time there. What else is there to do besides look at digital displays in a nice restaurant?
Are there other brands /artists showing in this space or near by? How do you plan to get maximum traffic to this location?
How far is it from Wynwood walls and all of the bigger activations?
There are a number of other builders that are working on plans but there has been no public info shared Perhaps see how this team can work within a bigger group if they have a track record in event planning and execution?

10 eth (over 16K) for merchandise feels like a lot, where is this being made? Is it all custom cut N sew? How will this be distributed?

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Thanks for the thoughtful replies. It seems like there is already someone working on a Nouns event so we don’t want to take away from that. I think for now we are going to table this idea.

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Thank you for your thoughtful replies. As stated above, we will keep building and working on future events. We will sit Miami out