Nouns x Media Monks -- Art Basel activation 🌴

hey guys – know there’s been some conversation about a Nounish experience at Art Basel Miami in December, so myself and another Lil Nouner (not sure if he wants to get name checked yet) reached out to our friends at renowned experiential agency Media Monks to put together a pitch for us.

We’ve worked with MM on projects for Hennessy and Meta, but Media Monks also recently created and produced the Cool Cats NFT NYC experience and works with Epic Games, AT&T, Complex, Burberry etc etc. (see more at )

Personally think these IRL experiences are really valuable for external proliferation and inspiring moments to activate our vast and vibrant community. Art Basel (as most may know) is a cultural touchstone, drawing artists, galleries and collectors to Miami for a weekend of inspiration and experiences — and feel like it’s the perfect platform for Nouns to participate.

The form factor of Nouns has exciting parallels with the fine art world in its auction format — and think we should manifest that experience IRL. Initially had been talking to Media Monks agency about producing this experience exclusively for Lil Nouns because the accelerated auction cadence would provide programming throughout the day, but the ambition of the experience quickly out ran Lil Nouns scope, so think this could be a perfect DAO x DAO collaborative experience: Lil Nouns auctions throughout the day, panels and conversations with thought leaders in our community (and out of it) possibly live Noun O’Clocks leading up to daily Nouns auction closings and imagine live fomo nouns?

If we’re here, we’re likely in agreement that this is one of the premier projects in the space — and deserves an experience on that order. Here are a few slides from MM’s deck here to share their passion and vision for what’s possible.

MM would come on as our agency partner to collaborate with the communities vision and steer this experience to life (Happy to set up a call with them and the community if we’re feeling this) MM would be our full service provider — sourcing locations, insurance, security, content creation, food and beverage, build up and tear down of production etc.

Within these slides are a handful of perspective locations as well as budget projections and calendar — there’s some urgency around getting the process started, but first wanted to share all of this as an initial temp check and can proceed as the community prefers!

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