Free Web3/Nouns Onboarding Workshop for Creators in Sydney

Hey Nouns,

I’ve recently been organising a gallery exhibition for a group of young upcoming artists here in Sydney.

Last night I was curious and asked them what’s holding them back from web3 and they basically said

  1. No quality resources online (that they know of)
  2. They have no idea where to start
  3. Unsure why the should necessarily care

For context a lot of these people are designers, musicians, photographers and videographers.

The reason why I’m posting this here on Nouns is because I wanted to discuss potentially holding a set of workshops here in Sydney for the creative scene here that I’m well connected in.

I would love to create a hands-on multi night event where artists can come in learn about the blockchain, setup their wallets, mint an NFT, bridge to an L2, learn about DAOs etc. and I’d love to have Nouns involved in the event.

I would be happy to create an entire section in the workshop focussing solely on Nouns and how these artists could participate in the eco-system in a way that both benefits the ecosystem and their own career.

I’d love to be able to supply everyone who attends with a small amount of eth to get straight into web3 without having to deal with any of the kyc or exchange headaches.

I’m genuinely curious if you guys think this would be something Nouns would be interested in funding. I don’t think we’d need a huge amount of funding but I do think I would be able to onboard a tonne of new artists into the space and hopefully turn them into Nouns contributors.

For some extra context on who I am. I’ve been building in the space since 2020 and have helped create one of the most successful digital art collectives known as Making It. We’ve been operating somewhat as a DAO that funds their own events from proceeds from group drops we’d do on platforms like Foundation. We’ve done over 116 eth worth of sales and now I’m wanting to share everything I’ve learnt with my own community here in Sydney.

I’ve been wanting to contribute to the Nouns ecosystem for a while now and have been brainstorming ideas for a long time but haven’t been able to settle on anything concrete yet which is why I’m posting here in the forums just to open a discussion.

If I were to propose anything like this what do you think I should include in the “curriculum” for the night.

I’d love to also bring guest speakers from the Nouns ecosystem that live here in Sydney to deliver some talks on the DAO and the wider space in general.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this. Would love any input and if something like this would or should be feasible as something Nouns funds.

Jet Williams

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