Nouns University - Pre-proposal discussion. Please critique!

This is an idea I’ve had since I started getting to know Nouns about a month ago. There is so much to learn if you really want to get involved here and I want to create a streamlined online course with one of the major course builders (Thinkific, Teachable, etc). Each section would have reading, links to follow and explore, and quizzes at the end to check for understanding and ensure people are not abusing it to get the reward at the end.

I need at least two people to help me with this. I feel like I can write the content and help build the course, but I need someone good with graphics to help bring the course to life and I need a web3 developer to help with the NFT portion at the end of the course. Once we have a team in place, we can have some calls to put together the budget and get the final proposal on chain.

Please read through this pre-proposal and let me know if there are pertinent sections that should be added to the content and I’ll get it all aggregated into a more formal proposal once the team is in place.

Thanks in advance for your time and input. I truly think this could be a game changer for Nouns and one of the most important entry points for onboarding noobs like me into the Web3 world.

Without further ado I present to you…

Nouns University

Premise: An online course to learn about all things Nouns. There would be different stages of learning to promote a streamlined way for someone new to Nouns to get involved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the end of the course, each participant would have the option to get a Nouns diploma that would be a free mint NFT. Maybe it’s a cap and gown Noun with a randomly generated head?

The free mint would allow a different role in the discord chat and the potential to be used by nounish projects as an entry point to different rewards for joining their communities.

Example: Nouncil makes it a requirement before joining to make sure everyone understands Nouns and the ecosystem they are getting involved with.


  • What are Nouns?
    • The concept
    • The NFT
    • The DAO
    • Underlying technology
    • The brief history
  • How does NounsDAO function?
    • Governance structure
    • One noun, one vote
    • Decentralization
  • Where does the money go?
    • Proposals
    • Prop House
    • Small Grants
    • Special allocations
    • Retroactive rewards
  • How can I get involved?
    • Buy a Noun
    • What if I can’t ever afford one?
      • Help bring a Noun to life! – FOMO Nouns
      • Start a Nounish Project and join the Nouncil
      • Join a project and have your voice heard there. Representative Democracy.
        • SharkDAO
        • NounPunks
        • Goop Troop
        • CeeFriends
        • More to come!
    • Join the community! If you hang around these creative people long enough, your idea will come.
      • Discord
      • Discourse
      • Nouns App
      • Social Media
  • The Nouniverse
    • Nounish Projects
    • Other cool things to check out
    • Courses built by nounish projects to add ‘certificates’ to your diploma.
    • More ideas always needed.
      • Your idea could be next! Lets build something Nounish together
  • Minting Your Diploma Noun
    • How to
    • What it can be used for.

As stated earlier, I NEED YOUR HELP!

We need:

  • A graphic person and a developer to help.
  • Ideas for additional content that needs to be added.
  • Any other thoughts about this idea to make it as useful as possible to the whole community.

Let’s make it happen.



I really like your idea of taking all the information in its pure, basic form and putting it out there in a form of courses/learning platform! I’m also able to help with graphics/animations/Wordpress site.

Just so you know, we are trying to put some of this basic info out on Nouns.Blog too!

I would love to get in touch with you and further talk about it.

Sending you a PM as well. Thanks for reaching out!

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Hi! As someone who has tried to approach the nouns ecosystem a few times in the past, and finally got more seriously involved during the past weeks I think this is great!
There are many excellent nounish resources but there always seems to be one more thing to learn elsewhere, and at least in my experience I can’t help feeling a bit lost with so much info and projects, it can get a bit overwhelming. This looks like a very warm and welcoming way to learn and get involved.

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I really appreciate you checking it out. Thank you!

Great idea fren!!! It definitely is a very good resource to help those are new in the space as well as a way to avoid other developers’s work overload!

I have seen some web3 projects like that with huge growth. So this helps to improve not only the development and knowledge but also the nouns visibility. Once people have an easy and pleasant understanding faster the nouns ecosystem get all kind of values.

I am a developer who is starting to understand the nouns-monorepo so I can be able to contribute to the ecosystem. If you need something just say “hi” hehe. It will be a pleasure can be useful.

Congratulations for the initiative!!!

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I absolutely adore this idea. I’m relatively new to Nouns, and while I think I have a pretty good grip on things, having a standardized course would really shift the way I introduce new people to the nouniverse.

My only question at the moment (which you may have answered in the discord and I missed it, apologies if so) is about the format; would it be only written articles with links/quizzes, or would there be an audiovisual component as well? “Graphics” makes me think the former but I figure it’s worth an ask.

(I’d also be happy to help with any audio portions such as narrations for accessibility, if needed!)

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So my thought was to build it with a lot of pictures and graphics and then if it proved valuable to add audio and video later. But if you’re willing to potentially join a team of helpers, we could probably make the audio part happen right away.

Sounds good, thanks for clarifying! And yes, I’d absolutely be down to help out in any way i could. This is a great project and I’d like to do what i can to make it happen :slight_smile:

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Love the idea of nouns university. Pictures sound like a great idea!

in addition, might be cool to consider mobile usability too. If successful, linking it up to the nouns app would be a great entry point if the developers agree. I have the perfect idea on the mobile pattern (I’m a product designer), I’ll PM

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Please send me a message with your ideas! We’re going to try to build a small team to formulate a full proposal and get this moving forward. Discord or Twitter DM’s are both open.