Shall we all buy a noun?

Hello friends, I know that all of us who are here like the project!! What if we buy a noun together in a community way? I already put my contribution and I really want to be part of something bigger that generates inclusion, diversity, purpose and accessibility to the project, through the participation of new members, we already have 4eth the link to join the party is https://

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I think it’s a great idea! Just need a critical mass of people / capital which hasn’t happened just yet :frowning:

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It’s true :frowning: but I’m going to keep trying and I hope we succeed, it also allows us to better understand the governance models of fractionalized NFTs that we can apply in this and other web 3.0 projects

Thanks for joining the conversation about this proposal :slight_smile:

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I would be easier to commit if critical mass was reached (50 ETH). Like first the commit could be reputation based, like committing 0.1 ETH on twitter or something, once 1000 ppl did it, then it would be easy to get the .party going.


Thanks for participating :slight_smile: what you propose makes a lot of sense, I have a question, do you know any strategy that facilitates compromising ETH through Twitter?

The funding via twitter is just a declaration of intention so I think it would have to be reputation based.

Also some kind of declaration should be added, on how the drops and accesses will be split between the participant, would the noun be put on rent or on sales or borrowed against to create some kind of strategy, is there a dao behind this noun, is there a mutlisig hodling the noun… lot of questions to get the party going somehow :slight_smile:

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thanks for your help, I just mentioned you on twitter for the proposal, the objective is that the dao actions that are generated to facilitate the governance of the noun, focus on supporting artistic and educational projects, many times artists with good projects it is difficult for them to get ahead, and we also see that the structural issue to get people out of poverty is education in these issues that allows them to generate value in a sustainable way, we are moving the artistic community around the NFTs and SAKO ASKO so that it is spokesperson for this initiative :slight_smile: I hope we succeed