Proposal: 1 Dollar Nouns ⌐[1]-[$]

for discussion


All anyone needs to participate in Nouns is 1$ and an email address. This is the start of an experiment to make Nouns radically accessible. We will remove barriers to participation in Nouns by enabling anyone to buy a Noun with fiat and an email wallet.


To participate in Nouns you currently need an ETH wallet, it is a high barrier to entry which means our current addressable audience is limited to people already participating in web3.

This prop is the first step to build a platform with the potential to enable mass market accessibility for the Nouns. We see this as a community good which can help all extension projects onboard.

On being funded we will build a MVP on the Flow blockchain that makes 1 Dollar Noun$ accessible to everyone, everywhere, forever.

We expect current Nounish supporters to be part of our community, and we believe the accessibility will open doors to proliferate the Nouns brand to new audiences such as: a parent and child in India, Axie Infinity players in the Philippines, school children and college students across the world, as well as adults in nearly any economic environment.

The MVP will enable ownership, voting and props for everyone who will be able to:

  • Own a Noun for 1$
  • Vote on NounsDAO
  • Get very small grants ($10-100 for new people to do something Nounish)


Topshot built on the Flow blockchain has 700,000 holders, its web2 friendly with a email wallet, low cost, and low environmental impact. Doodles have just announced as the chain for their mass market plans. We want to do the same for Nouns.


Phase 1

This prop is for the first phase, to build a MVP on the Flow blockchain and an initial community.

  • We will fork the playground to enable anyone to mint a Noun$1 on Flow, either with Fiat or FUSD (flow stablecoin). A totally random Noun$1 will cost 1$ with price increasing with more customisation.

  • We will setup a community on discord and twitter, including participation in NounsDAO governance (with a delegated Noun if a Nouner is willing to delegate), and very small grants ($1-50 grants for new people to build something Nounish)

  • We will also engage with other Nounish builders and communities to start exploring how we can collaborate and integrate.

eg Free noun for anyone Nouns on the Ground meet IRL
split with Gnars for anyone minting a skateboard head, and FloriNouns for every Flamingo.
etc. etc. etc. very up for collaborating with everyone

Phase 2+
The next phase will likely be an onchain prop to the DAO and to build out the product, governance and mass marketing.

Let’s onboard 1m+ new people into Nouns ownership, governance and proposals.


1 month - Anyone able to buy a Noun for $1, Noun$1DAO votes with delegated Noun🤞

1 year - 100,000 unique 1$Noun owners; Noun$1DAO owns its first Noun; $$ in prop funding.

3 years - 1,000,000+ unique 1$Noun owners; Noun$1DAO owns multiple Nouns; $$$ in prop funding.

Deliverables Phase 1


  • Minting on Flow (fork of the playground)
  • Ability to buy Noun$1 with a credit card

Cadence contracts to mint on Flow

  • accept payment in Flow, FUSD (Flow stable coin) and Fiat


  • Discord
    • emoji voting on DAO
    • very small grants channel
  • Twitter

Engagement with the wider community to collaborate

Future Plans

  • Mass market proliferation across web2 (Insta, TikTok / Global - India / China etc)
  • Community built outside of Discord for ease of engagement (as well as inside discord for the demographic that it suits)
  • Creation of resources to help users get more engaged in Nouns (And integration with the rest of the eco-system eg Nouns University)
  • Prophouse for 1Noun$ and explore Prophouse integration
  • On chain governance - on chain voting on flow
  • Full cross-chain governance. Vote using flow token, and trigger vote on ETH
  • Mobile App

…collaborate and build with the nouns ecosystem


We’re Nounish builders and contributors with experience of building contracts on Flow

ChrisCoCreated - Project is led by Chris (Nounciler, NounProfiles, Nounga)

Screendead - Chris has collaborated with Screendead our lead dev on several projects, including, trait matching site for web3 community, mobile app for social club for people living in care homes, online portal for wellbeing consultancy business. They have also built Flow contacts together. github

Bradq - Brad is a web3 storyteller who partnered with NounProfiles 2+ months ago as an audience and community builder as well as creative and strategic partner. @iambradq

LilTurquoisePanda - Chris 9yr old daughter and advisor on the project (she ain’t going to set herself up an ETH wallet, but she’s super excited about Nouns, and has a great idea for the Lil’s already).


Project lead, dev, art, community collaboration: 3 ETH ChrisCoCreated

  • Includes $50 FUSD (Flow stablecoin) for LilTurquoisePanda

Dev: 3 ETH Screendead

Coms & community first two months: 1 ETH Bradq

  • 1 ETH for very small grants, competitions, collabs etc.

Total: 8ETH

Additional ask to the community

A delegated Noun to enable the Noun$1DAO to participate in NounsDAO governance from the start (the DAO we will buy its own Noun as soon as it is able, with a dedicated split from sales)

Supporters so far

Gami (Noun 189) has advised on and supported the project development, and is up for Gnars collab.


Prof Werder is up for Flori Nouns to collaborate “This would be great for my students to help on-board them to the Nouns ecosystem while also learning how to mint but with minimal investment. I could even cover the cost for them all. Great opportunity for easier proliferation, especially on a different and up and coming chain.”

1 Dollar Noun$ accessible to everyone, everywhere, forever.



Further info on Flow the mass market blockchain
Flow has proved itself as the mass market blockchain for NFTs. Their breakout project NBA Top Shot has 700k holders (almost all web2 native) and total sales of $1,165M.

Doodles intend to scale on Flow
“Doodles intend to scale their ecosystem by building the future of the project on Flow Blockchain, known as one of the most user-friendly chains in the world. You’ll likely have heard of Flow in its relation to NBA Top Shot, which was the single largest Web2 to Web3 onboarding of users the space has ever seen (to date). Flow’s Web2-style and feel played a gigantic role in the success of Top Shot — email login (as opposed to MetaMask or other wallets), ability to pay with a credit card, and easy use are all components of the app made possible by Flow that played a huge role in why Top Shot became so popular. With whatever they intend on building, Doodles hope that Flow’s Web2 familiarity will give them the foundation they need to go after the mainstream audience they so desire. (This thread by Degentraland does a great job explaining the future of the project.)” From Real Vision’s Mr Fox

Blocto Wallet
We intend build with the Blocto wallet. It is super simple sign up, just requiring an email address. The wallet makes it very easy to onboard non-crypto natives, their first experience of crypto will feel just like web2, and as they get more engaged they can take control of their keys with the option for self custody.


interesting - i like the idea of further proliferating nouns at a low barrier to entry, and the idea of extensions expanding onto other chains

how would the funds be handled? if someone buys a $1noun, where does that money go? is there a treasury that holders vote on?

Yes we’re thinking the large majority of funds going to a treasury that Noun$1DAO holds and all Noun$ holders vote on. Likely with an explicit split for Nouns purchase (at least 25% for Noun purchases, with potential for Noun$1DAO to vote more (though might make sense for the DAO to use a chunk of its treasury to maintain and grow Noun$ rather than all to buy Nouns, hence the 25% min).

A slice of the funds would go to founders. 10% seems to be standard, but perhaps up to 25% might be appropriate as there are some questions to answer about long term renumeration to the founders to keep them incentivised with the low sale price.

One of the useful features of Flow is that the contract can be updated before locking it, so we can finalise the splits and lock it into the contract once the details and balances are worked out.

We see this as phase one ahead of a significant on-chain proposal. I’d suggest the on-chain proposal will be explicit about splits and long term renumeration, though happy to iron it out at this stage if preferable.

what would the on chain proposal be for? we have funded extensions and forks from Small Grants before, but really only to cover mint fees…

A future on chain proposal would be to build out the on-ramp for 1m+++ people into Nouns from web2.

This initial proposal is for an MVP. The on chain proposal would build out the proposition (all depending on feedback from the MVP), likely to include a dedicated mobile and web platform - including community, voting and proposals; combined with web2 focused marketing and community building activity.

The reason we think this merits funding in a way that other extensions haven’t is that we are primarily building a Nouns community good - a web2 on ramp. The project has significant potential ROI, both in the scale of proliferation, and financial return to NounsDAO and the rest of the eco-system.

The radical accessibility of this project to virtually all people, anywhere at $1 per Noun brings unique challenges. To onboard at this level and in this way is likely to require backing that is unique to this project.

Over time the project will be self sustaining, but will require initial investment to get it to the $1m+ pa turnover required. Investment that we hope is worth making (once we have proved the concept) given the significant potential upside for all parties, both in terms of proliferation and financial ROI.