So you've bought a Noun, now what?

@4Skin brought up a good point: what’s the best way to get involved and where should a newly minted Noun owner go?

#nounsdao is the Discord discussion area and obviously Discourse is our long form discussion area but we’re missing a quick start guide for Nowners.

Let’s use this thread to discuss a high level view of the different things a Noun owner should expect to see, do, and interact with. Once we have a good overview I think it’d be fun if each of the frontends put their own spin on displaying the guide. For we could have a special “now what” section when the Noun owner wins their auction/is viewing their Noun.

Topics that jump to mind for me:

  • How to get in touch with other Noun owners
  • How do proposals work mechanically (on-chain voting, execution, etc)
  • How to view the proposals that are in flight or have recently been voted on
  • Location of draft proposals
  • What’s expected of Noun owners
  • Getting verified

Agree that it would be nice to have a welcoming onboarding to get noun owners up to speed on how to engage and contribute.