Looking to Put Together a Nouns Team for NFT Toronto

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to be apart of the Nouns and also looking to put together a team that similar to the NFT San Francisco and other events represents the Nouns!

Ideally we can represent the Nouns as a whole at the event and educate people on what the Nouns are all about and also bring all of the Nouns together to enjoy community in person and maybe even throw our own event!

This is not an official proposal but I would love to find people that can help put something together!

The Nouns at NFT Toronto can also grant all noun holders discounts to the event and so on and so forth!

I look forward to discussing more on this thread.

Thanks all!



When is the event? Iā€™m north of Pittsburgh, so not too crazy far away.

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Hey! It is June 22nd - June 25th!

VERY affordable also, more info will come out soon for the event but being apart of the Nouns and the Sol Nouns I wanted to make sure a big presence is given to the Nouns to restore some more of the glory this group deserves! So many cool things being built!