NounsDAO in Taipei Blockchain Week

Taipei Blockchain Week 2022


  • Proliferating NounsDAO at Taipei Blockchain Week and expand into the Asia and Mandarin speaking market.
  • The conference is hosted by a DAO founded by a nouner, would love to invite nouners to speak on a panel about DAOs and governance

Why Taiwan

  • Taiwan is poised to be the next web3 hub in Asia alongside Korea, Singapore, Philippines…etc.
  • One of the biggest gaming markets in the world, with amazing and affordable developer talent.
  • There is already an official government agency set up to focus on web3, an environment perfect for blossoming web3 growth.
  • Taiwan is also one of the top choices for devcon with the most comments. It’ll be great for us to establish presence sooner than later.

Taipei Blockchain Week

  • Location: Mega Breeze Center Taipei
  • Speakers: notable figures in the NFT/web3 space such as pplpleasr, Tom Schmidt, Yat Siu…etc.
  • Audience: 1000+, 40+ sessions, 30+ side events


  • Place nouner on panel with other DAOers to discuss governance, infra and nouns culture
  • Make 3D nouns models to placed between booths at the venue with large printout
  • Make nouns photo booth with Taiwan flavor
  • Source noggles for staff or attendees to wear at the event
  • There is an after party for the conference that is NFT themed on 12/15, we’d love to have a branded table for nouns


  • Truss Structure + Canvas Printing: $3700
  • DJ Booth + Equipment: $1800
  • 3D Nouns print out: $2500
  • Photo booth: $1000
  • Speaker/panel spot: $6000
  • Air fair/accommodation and tickets for nouner to attend: $3000
  • Total: $18000 ~ 13.8 ETH


  • The conference is organized by a DAO: Bu Zhi DAO, led by nouner: Jacky Wang aka taipeicity.eth who is making this proposal.
  • The conference lead is Tiffany Lai, ex-Apple event planner currently at Avalanche
  • Design and production lead is Andy An from 0xAvenue, award winning designer in Taiwan.
  • The DAO has a staff of over 40 people dedicated to the conference planning and execution.

Would love any feedback on this, and recommendation on nouners who’d love to come to Taiwan!


This prop looks excellent. The video is very well done and demonstrates that you can create content, which is an important part of event proliferation. These events have proven to be an effective and timely part of the proliferation and DAO growth. The Taipei Blockchain Week will likely become more established as an event. The website and branding is good, and in line with other NFT event standards. On-going updates about the current event status; as far as speakers and attendees is recommended.

The only concern is timing. Specifically if there is construction involved, but perhaps that is easily handled. It seems like this would need to be funded in a fairly expedited way, which may shorten the feedback window. Looking forward to hearing more and watching the progress.


This looks great to me. Well written prop, art looks fantastic, opportunity in Taiwan would be great, and team looks strong. From what I can tell, this seems to be a go! Nice work. Hope it works out and you get funding.


the mock ups look great!

-when would you need the funding to confidently execute on everything given the timing?
-where are the noggles accounted for in the costs? what type are you planning to use?
-is it standard to have to pay for a speaking slot? this is the largest ask at $6000 USD

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啊啊啊啊啊啊~兴奋!!! :star_struck:

你好~ I’m Suzie. 我来自新加坡~ :heart:

I miss 台湾珍珠奶茶 so much :face_holding_back_tears:

我是个艺术家。 如果您需要创意方面帮助,请告诉我. Portfolio: :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Hey @FOODNOUNS, thank you for the feedback on the content! We definitely believe we are capable of producing great content with our team’s experience. Timing wise, definitely on the tighter side but we’re ready to go with designs and production company already locked in. Here’s a video to better show the production plan: NounsDAO Taipei Blockchain Week - YouTube

Hi @bradq thanks for the feedback - welcome you and all Nouners to come over to Taipei for the event!

Thanks @Oni for the feedback!

  • I think ideally within 1 week or at most 2, we have everything ready to go to make it happen, we have a video demo here of how this might look like NounsDAO Taipei Blockchain Week - YouTube

  • Great catch, I was originally hoping to ask people who did it for other conference to share the supply but no luck yet. Just got a quote on this for fresh ones, will add to proposal! We’re looking at red paper ones at 2.4 each around 350 of them. (open to ideas here!)

  • Yes, usually people get speaking spots via sponsorships, that is the minimal amount charged per spot, totally open to add the DAO as a sponsor with this but didn’t want to overstep - open to suggestions on what’s best practice here!


I believe @BigshotKlim have some paper noggle for events.

Is there a list of nouners that you will be inviting / have invited? I see there’s $3000 factored in for that, would be cool to know which nouner will be attending.


Thanks for the feedback @Wideeyekarl!

yes, I got a quote from @BigshotKlim on the noggles!

I’ve extended the invite to @skateordao from other people’s recommendation and hope he can come - but open to other suggestions in case he cannot make it!

In the sad case we don’t end up getting a nouner to attend & speak, will definitely refund that portion of it!

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Can you provide more info on who this accommodation is for? The panel speaker?

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Thanks for the feedback @wiz! yes the accommodation is for the speaker/nouner that is flying in, still looking for the person who is interested in coming!

Airfare to Taiwan from Europe/US/Australia generally cost 2K for those dates, and budgeting 1K for a week of lodging. If no speaker from nouner can attend, that chunk of that budget will definitely be returned.

The actual Nouner you get to speak is important but on this whole this looks like a lot of fun and I love the mockups.

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I like your writing style, can pack everything simply. Certainly the most interesting is the mockup that gives the reader a real idea of what to create next.
Interesting to wait for the execution later. Good luck :smiling_face:

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Here’s an updated breakdown based on some feedback:

Removed the speaker part and added the noggles printed. Will focus on the event activation and propose a separately if we are able to find a speaker from nouners willing to travel to Taiwan and share about nouns.

Event 3D rendered video

  • Truss Structure + Canvas Printing: $3700
  • DJ + DJ Booth + Equipment rental for 6 days: $1800
  • 3D Nouns print out: $2500
  • Nouns Photo booth: $1000
  • Noggles print out (2.4$ x 350): $840

Total: $9840 ~ 8 ETH @1226 eth price

Let me know if anyone have any questions/suggestions/feedback - happy to keep iterating to improve this!

For context, this is a conference my DAO is organizing and executing - can leverage our 40+ people staff 70+ DAO members/contributors and event volunteers to really highlight NounsDAO. Really excited to activate in Taiwan for the first time! Happy to add nounsDAO logo as a supporting organization on our event website for more visibility and exposure as well

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes we can’t wait to execute on the mockups! Will definitely capture and share!

cool mockup! this looks fun and nounish

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Loved the 3D rendered walkthrough ! The entire setup looks dope : )

Reminds of the gaming expos I’ve been to previously!


Thank you all for the feedback! This is now more time sensitive as we’re getting closer and need to order materials asap - would love to hear any additional feedback on the revised / reduced breakdown of cost to move forward, cheers!

We’re looking for Total: $9840 ~ 8.76 ETH @1123 eth price

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ok approved, lets do it. thank you for being flexible in this process