NounsDAO on VC/Founder interview series

GM frens,

I’m Kai,

some of you might know me from Programmers Are Also Human (avg. 200K views/video)

I have been an avid follower of Nouns since the project was started and have contributed on several topics and challenges. Luckily, my subpar design proposal didn’t win :slight_smile:
In the past year, I have seen Nouns sponsoring social media personalities and projects in the media and film space. So far I haven’t seen any that achieve large viewership or target an audience of people that would understand the idea behind the NounsDAO or a DAO in general. Hmm, maybe we can change that.

I have produced an interview series with VCs and founders (funded by Warner Media, techstars, Bloomberg Beta etc.) which made it into America’s leading indie TV festival
The festival’s agency UTA is now in talks to have it produced with Sony, Roku etc in the future.
The past WGA and ongoing SAG strike, however, kind of cut the the process of negotiations.

I still own full rights to the current batch of material and would like to release it on social media beginning 2024 with a sponsor. I wouldn’t just ‘present Nouns’ but integrate the sponsorship into the story line. All further interviews of the current batch would also have me wearing the Nouns hat.

So far the viewers are mainly tech/developer/crypto heavy. I do regularly receive affirmation from CTOs on singular videos so the videos are reaching the whole food chain.
Main countries: US/UK/Germany have the biggest viewership - if youtube’s location prediction is correct.
Main age group: 25-35

I am looking to recoup my cost for the current batch of interviews + budget new interviews for the current series.

Current: 6 interviews
Target: 10 interviews total

Each interview comes at $8K production cost. ($6K crew/studio/equipment, $1K travel, $0.5K motion graphics/post-production, $0.5K colouring).

My request would be to receive $80K in total for a sponsorship for 10 main interview videos + 5 times 10 shorts + 2 times 10 bonus material videos
I am also happy about a shared sponsoring where Nouns is sponsoring half the videos exclusively and the rest will be sponsored by another VC.

I have to be careful with openly publishing the material before it goes public, so I’ll send it to interested Nouners privately who consider voting on this proposal. But even if you’re not voting but have contributed to Nouns in the past I’m happy to send it over in return for some feedback.

2nd proposal
I am currently in the process of going to more tech conferences, especially in the AI space, to interview startups and get to the truth of where the industry is going. A lot of hot air to be explored! Some people find my interviews entertaining but I am doing serious jourmalism!

A Nouns branded sponsoring by having me wear Nouns merch regularly for these visits would be beneficial for Nouns, given the viewership and demographic stays up. I am proposing a kind of long-term sponsorship. In return, it would help me finance travel to bigger conferences and not have me spent time arguing for a Press Pass. This I’d like to would further elaborate in a seperate idea / proposal.

Let me hear your feedback. So excited for this!

It seems that with most media projects that Nouns funds, the artists rely on distribution by Nouns and therefore the viewership remains low (usually in the 3 digits, except for Twitter).

Given past video stats we would be more in the area of 200K and that is per video. (10 videos + shorts etc.) So there would be a proper distribution from our side for this project throughout social media.

Any thoughts on this @joshuafisher @profwerder @niftynaut @4156 @Sasquatch ?

The idea is nice and the numbers are convincing especially about amount of views but costs are too expensive. As far as I know 100k views on YouTube cost 1k$. So it is cheaper to buy ads with some regular blogger. Maybe you can reduce cost of production and offer more affordable price

Yup yup,

Very good observation!

Hm, let’s see. I know I can cut down production cost to $6K for future videos with careful planning and reusing crew. Although release would slightly delay into 2024 Q1/Q2 then.

Keep in mind 200K is a baseline (I expect some virality). It doesn’t include the views from the included countless shorts, teasers, bonus material across social media like TikTok, Twitter, Insta. All of which will have Nouns branding. We could easily expect 500K viewership per video package. Although unique viewers might be half of that.

I think with that in mind we’re getting closer to your $1K per 100K views baseline (although for YT sponsorships it was always $2-3K for me as viewers are more engaged with YT+my format)

Let’s say I throw in produced videos for $6K as the lower production rate.
So let’s say $6K * 10 $60K for (min. 2M, target: 5M engaged viewers)

or for 8 videos $48K

I think we are getting somewhere now!

Further reduction would delay the release too much except somebody knows a cheap film crew in London/NY/SF that he can recommend. I am already operating in a no-buget area due here to ‚friend prices‘.