Small Grants: Nouns Dinner Series


Hi all, looking for early feedback on this idea of a Nouns Dinner Series —

TL;DR: Host dinners to broaden the reach of Nouns in influential circles. 3-month pilot in NYC, a total of 6 dinners. (Ask: ~3-4 ETH)

Nouns to host a fortnightly Tuesday dinner series in major cities (NYC to start with) to bring together 6-12 interesting people (from across tech, art, fashion, film, sports, and more) as a way of broadening the reach of the Nouns brand in influential circles. In other words, “Noun-pilling non-Nouners”, perhaps even people not yet in crypto.

Inspired in part by Y Combinator’s dinner talks, each dinner will feature a guest who will share a bit (5-10m) about their journey and what they’re working on to set the tone, as well as a Nouner who can provide an overview of Nouns.

In-person conversations are still the best way of onboarding and educating. This is a relatively low-cost way of bringing value-added participants into the Nouns community.

A 3 month pilot from July through September in NYC. If this works well, we can run this in other major cities around the world.


  • Cost of dinner: $50/person/dinner x 12 pax x 6 dinners = $3600.
  • @euwyn can organize and cover overage.


  • @euwyn. Co-founder Spin, YC alum (S10), holder of Noun #122 and #341.
  • (@krel cheerleader)
  • Hoping for Nouners to help with suggestions for dinner guests.


Temp check

  • Would you be excited to join a dinner?
  • Any Nouners interested in acting as hosts during the trial? (Hold a 5-10min talk to set the tone, don’t have to provide the facilities.)
  • Other feedback? Thanks!

I love this! I am all for in-person events and parties.
And could easily see this spreading to other cities.
Nice one, ser :saluting_face:

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sounds cool, Small Grants would reimburse these as described, keep us posted as the details come together

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love this. how would the invitees be selected? imagine there may be some roadblocks with making connections and syncing schedules. Also what would be in it for the attendees? Imagine they would want something in return for their attendance.

This is a cool idea.

I think it’s a small outlay for potentially onboarding even a single new nouner across all of the dinners.

Euwyn and Krel, thanks for pushing this. The proliferation effect of these dinners is dependent on how many non-nouners attend, but I believe it would still be as effective as meetings of the minds and getting to know each other. I’d love to help curate the NYC dinners to have an even mix of people, and even surprise guests to keep things interesting. There’s a lot of potential here, push it through!!!