"NOUNISH SHORTS" animation festival

Not sure if this is the right place to post a general idea but I think that the DAO should sponsor a series of experimental animation shorts telling various NOUN stories in any format that the artists choose. Similar to what was so inspirational about the “Spike and Mikes Animation festival” back in the day and really explore the medium some more with all the old school/new school mix. I think that this would be an incredible opportunity to showcase a grand variety of content and talent that oterwise would never have the chance to realize their visions. Thoughts?


Yes, :100:%
Nouns is perfect for this.
But maybe prizes instead of sponsorship?

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Prizes would suggest some sort of judging and competition. I would be 1000% agains that. Animation is a long creative passion project. Most people in the “meat space” as I heave heard IRL being referred to can not afford to invest weeks months or years of unpaid time in the hope of entering their baby in some contest and competing for funds against people that they should be cheering and helping and working together with. My suggestion is to set a series of guidelines on a uniform proposal that would ask for an outline of what the artist wants to do, and how they plan to get there as well as a sample reel or proof of ability to do what they say they will do or a path to that. Then put it all to a vote by the Dao. if you want to proliferate nouns and go big, Animation is a way to reach all ages, communities and nations. sorry for the ramble but i hope you understand what I am saying. Prizes are good as a thank you. FUNDING is what artists need to do the work and eat or pay for supplies while they do it.

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Ok, I see your point.
As a filmmaker, I understand what you are saying.
So I guess the first step would be to decide on which teams should be funded?

Fun idea, Id love to see more nouns-inspired animations. It sounds similar to the Nouns Stories (Proposal 20) though. Are you familiar with that proposal? Is that basically what you had in mind or would it be different?

This was just an idea to do something like a “Spike and Mikes animation festival” Open it up to students and have zero criteria so you can do things in Lego, macaroni, Minecraft or snow. We can ask for a proof of concept and an outline and fund the ones that have some proof of life in 3 stages and then see what happens.The key to me is whoever submits their idea has to have some path or ability to execute. Even if someone says “mashed potato head noun animation” they need to do the basic first steps to show what their vision for that is and not just throw a bunch of words and want money.

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Also it is important that we don’t alienate kids that may want to try this and may be intimidated by seasoned pros, so perhaps a pro, amateur and a young adult categories may be a good way to go. We can pull industry judge panel from my many contacts in the industry or from David, Sam or Mike who are all in the community already

I love this idea!

Kenny and I were throwing around all sorts of concepts like this in our original drafting of our Nouns Stories proposal, but ultimately decided first to keep it simple and just ask for some films to be funded and then next step try work towards something bigger. That said I’d love to see multiple things happening concurrently and whatever divergence or overlap occurs is great imo.

I think the SPIKE AND MIKE model sounds like a nice fit, and I love the idea of a structure that incentivises all types of techniques and craft and genres and level of professionalism, sounds like an awesome vibe!

Is this something you’re suggesting because you personally would love to be involved in its creation or management? Or just sharing the wish that it happens? In order to actually pull something like this off what kind of team would we need to attract to the project? Our very own spike and mike?

I am happy to jump on a chat anytime to chop it up about this idea. I have many many friends at different studios and I would love to onboard them to this idea. it is going to be a slow build since animation takes time and most of these folks are stretched think in their world. I am happy to help in any way i can as I plan to stick round here and build with you guys but at the moment I am juggling way too many projects, a small studio and 4 people. I can certainly connect to people that can make some things happen both pros and students. I can also pull some people in to help organze and manage this but will need some time and probably do a couple of small shorts or tests to showcase at Dcon (more on this later this week)
Lets chat on discord this week I can explain what I can do etc there

I think that I have the perfect crew of misfits and thought leaders from some of the biggest studios and creative communities that would absolutely love to have a sit down and talk about how to make this work. a few of them have done this on a small grass roots scale with the creative community in burbank and San Diego and a few that may be able to loop us in with the animation departments at a few key schools. I think that it could really be something